$100 to Infinity and Beyond

Hello Traders,

I have another Thread which shows my Trading activity in Real Time (301 Moved Permanently) however, I am starting this thread for the sole purpose of showing you MyFXbook, and the account balance from day one.

Today, I will be establishing an account and depositing $100, an amount anyone can start with, as I hope this to be a motivational and educational thread.

You will see over time, this account blossom, as I use leverage and key points in the market for entry. My record Trading % on a single account was $300 into over $10,000 back in 2007, which I have all records to show. I increase leverage as I am winning, and only “Bet the Market’s Money.” That was an extreme case, but I would love to repeat it here, and show you the beauty of the FX market, as there are ALREADY plenty of nightmares out there!

Trading safely, with discipline and patience, you will be astounded at what is about to take place here. I look forward to this trading journey together!


hmm, interesting. going to follow this one for sure, and possibly replicate in addition to my own trades if that’s alright!

Go get them pips, kid

May the Forex be with you!

Hi SoundOfLight,

I will be publishing the balance growth on MyFXbook, as well as the prices entered. Since the trades are closed, this will not be a conflict of interest to the people I provide Forex consulting and signals. This should be a fun adventure to see what we can do with $100.
Thanks for following!


Interesting thread.

So basically your trades will not be verifiable? Or at least they will be ‘for a limited time’. So the purpose of this thread is what exactly? 1) To bolster your ego? 2) To profile your ‘winning’ strat… serious question mark here without verifiable and detailed stats… entries/ exits, drawdown, etc? Or 3) To sell us another ‘holy grail’. Just asking? :smiley:

‘$100 to infinity and beyond’… works well in kindergarten films, but in the shark infested waters of fx… ? :rolleyes:

I’ll take option 3, and a small vanilla shake.

+1 to the answer/question to the original answer/reply to my post. i was gonna ask too “then, um, what’s the point?” but thought maybe i just wasn’t aware of some other thing.

so, um, what IS the point of this thread going to be then? other than to see just a balance go up/down?

how much does it cost after the limited time?

Bout Tree Fiddy

You know, you had a thread that seems to have a decent amount of followers and participants. I’ve never looked because I find signals useless. Nonetheless, it had a decent rating. But sorry to say bud, posting for a month, and “working” your way in… isn’t going to work. Nice try though. Not really surprised to see this coming.

Not sure why all the negativity here… I expected more from fellow entrepreneurs, especially Forum Members who have been posting on Babypips for some time now.

The purpose of this thread was inspirational, to show struggling traders “It can be done,” and to give them hope.

I have changed it up to allow prices to be seen after the trade closes. I simply wanted to avoid a conflict of interest to the FX Traders I currently advise.

I want to keep this thread respectful, and courteous. So please, let’s leave the negative comments at the door. The trades and balance growth will speak louder than any sales pitch I could ever give you.


I’ve followed your tweets on twitters and I will not encourage others to follow you. Your pops gained is very low. 1 or 2 pops gained per trade is nothing.

You also have more losses than wins.

Freeze, it appears you have not read my previous thread in its entirety to understand my trading style. Add to winners, slim down losers. This is the key the professional swing trading.

Most new traders do make the common mistake of looking at pip for pip, so I don’t blame you.

Truth is I made 3x the gain on the 75 pip win on the Gbp/Usd than I had lost on the Swiss losing position. Which at the end of the Swiss trade was “100” pips, however with an incredibly slimmed down position size.

This is the whole purpose of this thread, is to help trades stop looking at the markets from a the same glasses the brokers want you to, and to start looking at how to take better care of your winning trades.

My balance grew by 25% from what you call a “losing 1 to 2 pips per trade.” The only way to do this is employ more capital to the winners.

I am beginning to think this thread might be a little over some heads and is attracting much negativity from the crowd. I simply wanted to show you how I think and trade in terms of growth and momentum, not pips.

I’m thinking we cancel it.


I will check up on this thread tomorrow. If there is more positivity in comments (people who would find this useful) we will keep it going. No sense in wasting my time doing something that Traders here will not find useful. At the current moment I am seeing use-less trash talking, something I can definitely do without as I keep a positive trading mindset.


well, that depends. i think that if this thread is only going to show end-of-day balances, then it likely won’t serve much use. if it only shows balances here and user have to go to another thread to follow the overall approach and have access to the entry/exit/scale-in/scale-out info for a limited time, it may be of limited use.

but if this were a self-contained “day by day” or “trade by trade” thread wherein balances, entries, exits, and “here’s how i felt and why i got in / got out” was added, then it would most likely be REALLY useful.

i think that we all know it CAN be done (grow $300 into $3600 within one year, for example) - technically. the question is HOW (psychologically). technically, it’s a 1% per day compounded net profit, using a constant position-to-balance ratio.

i think that seeing and hearing about how one acts / reacts as balances (and P&L dollar swings) increase would be very handy. i can handle seeing a $5 temporary drop on a $500 account. how do i react when i see a $100 temporary drop on a $10k account? technically, my psychology shouldn’t change. but it likely will.

As long as you have a real fxbook account which is clearly verified as your own, and you have the control then you should not care what others are thinking. Take this chance to prove your point, and don’t back out.

Placing this to one side; one thread I have wanted to see for a very long time is a verified account that shows newbies some motivation, and above all illustrates that with sound money management and good trading knowledge that a small account can be grown over time. There are so many people starting threads that show there balance in a non-verified way, in my view that’s pointless and not even worth the time to read.

Perfect. Soundoflight you have a great point. Consider it done, the entry and exits will be factored in. I can definitely see how that would be useful.


@Jezz, what would be the best way to show it is my verified account? I definitely want to be transparent in this endeavor, as I have nothing to hide.


open up a new account with your broker, and link it to myfxbook and make it verified by following the fxbook rules. That way know body can say otherwise.