16 candles in the '58 edsel'

Great vids/music as usual.
Didn’t i read somewhere you girls & your fellow male colleagues are/were winding things down a few notches towards end of last year?

After catching their collective breathes last week, the indices are off after the hare again :slight_smile:

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You read correctly.
It’s tapering off for us personally into end of tax year, then the ship will be in the safe hands of Carll, Wyntac, Sketcher et al. Well that’s the plan anyway.

Yes, odds on mentioned as much a few posts back.
If they’re printing higher lows you don’t really want to be shorting them do you.
Leave all that stuff to the deep thinkers.

As long as you row your paddles with the tide your arms won’t ache too much! :wink:


Such a simple, throwaway comment yet one of the most powerful pieces of advice (that actually works consistently) i’ve taken from your work & the work of your broker colleagues on this thread also.

It took a while but the penny did finally drop about properly identifying & qualifying my set ups based on your logical price sequences. I now let more opportunities go than I take, comfortable in the knowledge the low hanging fruit will appear as it always does with regularity, occasionally more often than you can pick.

Oh how i used to stress if more than a few days went by without being able to spot a decent bet setting up :rofl:

That psychological comfort zone & confidence has come from you guys continually encouraging & drumming the message home about focusing on the simple, repeatable stuff that really matters & patiently waiting for it to roll along.

I pinch myself every week for finding your stuff & wish you all the very best for your future business endeavours.

thankee kindly young sir, appreciate it.
nice to hear you’re confident & content with the structure & profiles & that it’s generating profits for you.

we’ve held out a baton & a few of you have grabbed & run with it – that’s all the thanks that required.
keep running with it, coz you’ve got yourself one ding-a-ling of a baton!

Does Jack Mason, strobe & any of the other guys from FSR still have a tie-in with any of you guys Jos? I tried e-mailing Jack earlier in February but didn’t get a response, which is unusual as he was quite prompt in previous messages.

I think last time we messaged (last October) he was working in Cyprus with your brother?

They do sylvan yes, to varying degrees.

They’ve been experiencing intermittent issues with bet tech mail up until last thursday, but apparently all is well again. Try it now, should be back on track.

I’m sorry I’m late for the greetings, so after the party, something to chill out…

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:smile: no worries & thank you

I’d like to wish Happy Easter to everybody!

how are you guys finding the recent activity out there when attempting to apply the structure?

stats are showing a lot of folks are bleeding, some badly, trying to adapt to the mercurial pace attempting a long range game play.

Hi Laine, it is quite a choppy and low volatility environment out there. The only best performers last week were the really low volatility USD/CHF and EUR/CHF.
My system right now is as following:

  • Selection of instruments on 4H TF by visual sight
  • Filtering on 4H and 1H TF with 60 SMA
  • Setup: London window’s Sotch Hook in 15m, better if it is located on round numbers, last WK/Day High/Low
  • Trade Management: my initial SL is at about 1/3 of the ATR(22) of the instrument, but it depends on the pair;
    Once into a position, I usually trail my stop under the swing low/high on 15m TF. Some time ago I used to move my SL to break even only when the pair reached about 1R in my favor (to leave it some free room and avoiding to be stopped out too soon).
    In these days I prefer to move it as soon as the position goes into my favour. This somentimes stops me out or reduce my profit but it increase my win/lose rate.
    Last week analysis was as following:
    on radar:



USD/CHF +1.6R, +1.6R, +2R, +2.9R, +0.3R
EUR/CHF +1R, +0.75R, -1R, +0.4R
AUD/NZD -1R, +0.7R
EUR/CAD +0.4R, -1R
CAD/JPY +0.6R, +0.8R

In total is about +10R, having USD/CHF contributing by 8.4R.
Also without it, it could have been +1.6R, not so bad considering the actual situation.

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Unsurprisingly, a similar identification/filtering portfolio as mc297’s, which is heartening.

My primary pairs last week were follow through momentum candidates from the prior 2 weeks action, namely aud/chf & aud/nzd. They’re 2 of the lowest range pairings amongst the 28, but the aussie strength has offered very structured weekly/daily higher low moves on those 2 & that after all is the minimum criteria when setting up the bets.

I’ve also played aussie v/s sterling on the short side & continue to play euro/nzd on the long side, but mainly via intraday due to their more acceptable daily range coverage.

Although rollover pickings are definitely slimmer given the current market conditions, there are still decent pockets of value thereabouts which are illuminated very clearly by this framework. Just have to be a wee bit more patient when filtering out potential entries.

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Good to see you’re enjoying consistent success with that trigger across varying volatility conditions. Long time since we’ve seen it referred to, but it should still act as a decent pullback/continuation guide.

Carll conducted a very extensive test a few years back now & part of it involved entry filtering via round numbers & session highs & lows, which noticeably increased the positive ratio of his results. You clearly took that onboard, so good for you.

Not sure the 15min offered very regular set-up signals (his preference & results ratio being the 5min), but if you’ve managed to integrate it successfully then by all means remain loyal to it.

As far as I recall a lot of the signals on that frame would trigger in Tokyo or late NY, especially on the volatile pairings, which didn’t match his timezone. Those sessions are also quite flaky & erratic for obvious reasons. But I guess the law of averages clicks into play & there are bound to be instances of it setting up during London & the NY overlap (providing it marries up with available average day/week range).

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I had it up on my charts until recently, but I eventually arrived at the same conclusion as the rest of the guys in that once a pair began stair stepping up or down, particularly during early european & early north american shifts, the lower timeframe entry trigger was good to go. The only times I tripped up was when trying to force entries in non-trending moves or using it attempting to anticipate breakouts.

GBP/AUD on tuesday being this week’s latest classic example of that.
Aussie was feeling unloved at the beginning of the week, so flicking through it’s pairings & matching it up with the strongest potential breakout partner armed with a hook entry, offered good odds especially at the round number.

Occasionally I flick the template on to see how often it hooks up or down at levels i’ve triggered an entry, & rarely is it out of sync. It’s only when reflecting on past activity that i realised you guys were right, it’s a pretty accurate visual prompt that tunes your focus into waiting for the higher probability set up scenarios.

Reason being, it’s an accurate, high frequency trigger/set up.

If an up tempo trigger is in constant supply then you really only need 1 well drilled set up to engage. Spend your time fine tuning the identification & filtering process on that high frequency occurrence & you’ll save yourself an absolute stack of time, effort & money whilst ramping up your confidence & competence.

The sole purpose of the thread was to instil repetition based on a high probability, structured event. Working smart sidesteps all the time wasting nonsense & baggage associated with this game & puts you into the green with minimal drawdown. You & a small clutch of other bright sparks clearly sussed it & some of you used it to quickly step up a level two.

Leave the blood, sweat & tears to others.

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I wish you a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


It’s a pity that this thread is almost dead… But I hope that the original posters are well and safe and I’m also sure they are making a killing from this market, with volatility back.
I wish you a Happy Easter!


We’re all ok thank you & continuing to work.
As you say, there’s (always) opportunities to make hay regardless the reasons & as long as folks are willing to place their bets we’ll take & play them.

The thread always had a saturation point to be fair. It provided & presented a good solid structure including consistently successful techniques to avail yourselves of the many market variables. They worked back on 07 when the girls & a couple other colleagues shared them & they’ll continue to work for as long as folks gamble on market movement because they’re based around crowd behaviour.

Once you’ve constructed your own framework & set ups you’re pretty much good to go for as long as you wish to play the game. The thread kind of morphed into a repeat-repeat show where the same questions were being asked over & over.

Those who plucked the simple structure & game plays from the content didn’t/don’t really need to keep contributing, merely roll up the sleeves & get to work.

Glad you’re still around in the game & appreciate your good wishes.

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Hi DoubleEcho,

I’ve read through all the threads so many times I’ve lost count, and as someone who’s trading journey started with you and the ladies’ posts, I just wanted to say thank you. It’s taken me years to get to this point, but I will be going live in the next month or two thanks to every contribution you all made, from the initial posts to the answering of the same questions multiple times.

Hopefully I’ll be back in a few years time to say that I’m still successful! I’m starting off with a small amount and will focus on % rather than money as I have a decent job (IT project manager in Aus) and as such I don’t have the pressures of needing to make it big.

Thanks again for everything, you guys have had a major impact.

That’s good to know & glad we’ve been able to guide you through & past most of the hype & nonsense. We’re sure you’ll get to where you want to be if you’re still determined enough to stick it out this long.

Keep doing what you’re doing, use as little as you can & remember…you’re punting peoples behaviour not prices…& that behaviour always manifests itself in the same way each time fear raises it’s head or greed overcomes them :wink: