1pipfix.com ! anyone try it?

hi . im new to forex world and im thinking about starting with 1pipfix.com

So plz did any one try them are they good or bad ?

yeah, they are okay
metatrader 4 and nice fixed spreads.

1 pip spread? I wonder where they must get your money else from to earn anything…because earning large money(and this is vital for brokers stability) requires at least 2 pips.

Yeah i agree, they have nice spreads.

I would rate them 8 out of 10

They have been good for me, i am with them now a few months

I will rate them 7 out of 10.
There are other good MT4 availabe in the market.

As a VIP client with 1pipfix, I am pleased with their services. The main good points simply becomes the exection of the orders, no requotes and less then a half a second to get fills.

excellent reports about this broker

good, recommended by everyone

Wow do all you lot work for 1Pipfix…spammers!!!

Another unregulated broker, be aware

I actually think the spreads are awful!

4 pips on AUD/USD? is that a joke. I get 1.5 pips @ pepperstone. Also EUR/JPY 5 pips? haha i can get it 2 pips on Pepperstone

I thought the comments seemed a bit spammy

I did a search on the broker is a very good forex broker, the problem is that it is not regulate.

Nevis Financial Services Regulation and Supervision Department Registration Number: C39195 FX Systems, Ltd

Main plus for fixed spreads to me are that its easier to scalp with. You can get in and out of trades without any confusion. If i traded with a robot, i would be fine with variable but fixed are so much easier for hand scalping.

Took it easy at first, opened an account here with just $100 and then as I saw it was good, I upgraded to their ECN accounts. Spreads are very good and company is legit.

Very good fixed spread accounts

they have been around a long time, reviews have improved on them and now many people use them and like them

Excellent broker, only good experience thus far.