2012 Forex Goals, Targets, Dreams and for some... a Bucket List

Let’s see it folks… what are you aiming for specifically this year? Have a vacation you are trying to bankroll with the Kiwi profits? That new Sportbike have you itching to lay your hard earned Fx profits down? Share your one 2012 Fx Trading vision… I love reading these… I bet you do too!


Im aiming to make enough money so that I dont have to sleep with the heating off…EVER
Also I trade better when im warm, strange, but it true. It’s must be a baby thing, LOL

On a more serious note, I’m aiming at generating a substantial bankroll that is enough to support me full time once I complete University in the next year and a half. I see this as the deciding factor, and the ultimate answer to my own unanswered question which is “Am I ready to become a truly successful trader”?

its not about if ur warm or not… when i first started out then i got chills because i was over leveraged and excited… just keep ur lot size small and get used to be bashed up every second day by market makers … :36:

On a more serious note, right now i have everything i need for a life but hopefully end of this year i have sufficient money to buy a house deep in Alaskan forest next to small lake where i can go for fishing every morning :13:

I’m getting another live account setup and I’d like to at least make back the money I lost before, and to try to feel as comfortable trading real money as I do with demo :slight_smile:

$100 a week in profits, consistantly

build up enough bankroll to get away from the 9 - 5 :wink:

pay for school. ~30k Would be awesome to graduate debt free. This would be multiple year goal.

I’m currently in a field in which I am ambivalent about for the moment but don’t feel like I want to do this for the rest of my life. I want to be able to take up trading full time and make a comfortable income out of it to live on for myself and be able to support my family. Right now, even though I’m extremely excited about all the new information and tools that I have learned from you ICT, I still don’t feel confident that I can achieve the type of success that you have been trying to motivate us to shoot for. I probably won’t feel confident until I see actually results in a real live account. For that reason I can’t tell you how excited I am and how grateful I feel about joining you in February. That experience will totally change my life (hopefully for the better :D) and I’m certain it will give me enough confidence to become an independent thinker and go out and do it on my own because I can’t expect you to hold our hand forever. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m going to grab the bull by it’s horns and not let go.

Thank you ICT for everything!

Just thought I would point out that if you do actually grab a bull by it’s horns and not let go that it could be very dangerous.


…be consistently profitable on a monthly basis.

…actually withdraw trading profits, just to see what it feels like. Sad… but true :27:

This isn’t a goal just for 2012 but a goal with my forex career in general…

I would first like to make enough money to give me a life I have always wanted, you know, no J.O.B anymore…

Second to eventually make seven figures every year so that way I can choose someone or some family every year to give out $500,000 to that really needs it and to watch their face light up as I hand them the cash and say you can do whatever you want with it…

I think changing someone elses life woud be the best part of having a lot of money and I think forex could make this happen.

I do have a couple of things I have always wanted…

The second ring my wife has always wanted from me which I can’t afford…lol

2 dell U3011 monitors which cost $1500 each because of their high resolution…

My own server room in my house that runs my computer setup, home entertainement center, and anything else I want it too…You can tell I am a big computer geek…lol

Hayabusa motorcycle, Yamaha Raptor 4-wheeler, H-1 Hummer the original, new car for the wife

A very nice house that is PAID FOR…

No loans

Enough money to put my kids through college and money to give them to start their lifes on a good start.

A man cave and a women cave (so my wife doesn’t have to go in my man cave…lol)

This is just a start…and it always changes…lol

What you don’t know is that I’m 7 feet 5 and I once killed a polar bear with my bare hands :wink:

No pain no gain my friend.

I already have about everything I want. To be able to quit my day job would be nice but honestly I still probably would not. I love my job and what I do. I just know I cant do it forever. So To have this to fall back on would be nice and I think I am about where I need to be to make that happen. Probably not this year but I just got to keep pressing forward and nothing can stop me.

My only real goal for this year is not to get the wife pregnant. I think we have already started off on the wrong foot. I have been married 3 years and she has been prego 3 times. I just cant handle any more hormones (thank god I have all boys :slight_smile: ) Maybe if I spend alot more time on forex I might just might be able to accomplish that (wishful thinking I guess).

To be able to trade full time to cover my basic living expenses. That is really what my entire year will boil down to.


-build up my account to a big enough amount so that I can live solely off the monthly earnings meaning all bills, tuition, and living expenses paid for

-set up an EA portfolio

-learn more about coding in MQL and Easy Language so that I no longer have to pay to have my ideas coded

-earn 50k+ this year from trading

-follow the new money management technique that ICT has provided us

-Have a lower monthly drawdown (which I’m sure will happen given the new MM)

-earn 22% a month consistently

-improve my accuracy when trading with ICTs methods

-practice the SMT techniques more

-hopefully catch a position trade or two


Consistent by the end of the year.

My 4 year goal is being able to trade full time for a living.

I’ll tell you what I told clark,

To be profitable and to trader better.

I could end of the year with a 0.01% profit I’d still be happy

Well for this year I would like to be consistently profitable. I would be absolutely elated if i could make 10-15% a month. Looking farther ahead I would love to have enough money to invest in small businesses in my local area. My family has always been involved in agriculture and it would be a dream come true to own a large scale cattle ranch… All I need is a big enough initial investment. hahah Ill just start with coming out positive every month though.

Goals for this week:
to digitalize and summarize around 150 pages of ICT notes into a trading manual for my reference;) just in time to start demo trading next week.

Goals for 2012:
-Feel good enough to go Live around summertime.
-Be consistently profitable
-eventually gross 10-15% a month (although this might take longer than a year…)

I guess my biggest goal for this year is to find out if “this Forex thing” is working out for me…If this is what Im going to do in the future, and that my feeling is right and all the naysayers are wrong;) hahaha

Longer term goals:
To compound my gains for the next 3-5 years, until I can work with funds that make things more interesting;)

See I have a lot of expensive dreams (some with 4 wheels, some with 2, some with strong foundations…)
and to achieve those, it would be helpful, if I could eventually make 7 digits a year… :slight_smile:

que sera, sera

Used to have one of those, had to sell it or I wouldn’t be here right now! :slight_smile: Cannot drive the speed limit with all that power.