24hr Trading Academy is a SCAM! @fuaadhh

Fuaadh also going by the name Mohammad Fuaadh the owner of 24hrTradingAcademy: 24hrtrading.academy company number 10509291 is the biggest scam artist to come up in the Forex industry. Not only has Fuaadhh scammed me of my hard earned money Fuaadh also removed my review on Trustpilot. Alongside a number of OTHERS he has scammed! He has a dedicated Instagram page to him with the at @fuaadhscam probably paid him off to remove his posts!


I have been doing a lot of research into him and his past and I have found Fuaadh isn’t even a Forex Trader he made his riches through Binary options and affiliate programmes the likes of StockPair, 24option and Banc De Binary an Israeli financial firm with a history of regulatory issues one he so proudly vouched for. He received $250 for every client he signed up which required them to deposit 250 and he then just FORWARDED OTHER PEOPLES SIGNALS! So he didn’t care if you carried on paying for the signal service! He is now DOING THE SAME WITH HIS FOREX SIGNALS! DO NOT TAKE HIS SIGNALS, HE MAKES YOU TO SIGN UP TO HIS BROKER. HE DOESN’T CARE IF YOU MAKE MONEY ON HIS SIGNALS!!! 24hr Trading Academy is a SCAM! I had a feeling he would delete my review and all the other reviews and then put up bogus good reviews to mask his SCAM. So I took pictures to back up my claim.

His Instagram is @Fuaadhh. He is a very unprofessional, fake and money driven individual. Others have said the same he is immature and self centered he tries to force his humility. I know this as I have met him personally and took his course. I have attached my review and some of the other reviews he got falsely removed to continue to uphold his false appearance.


All of his course content is available on babypips! I can’t believe I spent £1000 on content available for free just repackaged with a Lambo.



Bro 3 points…

  1. if you had asked on this site before you joined we could’ve told you this guy cant help you
  2. the company is named 24 hr trading, so if you cant take all signals that’s not their fault. Dont have a go because you cant be awake to take the signals.
  3. you said you did his course for 1k, can you send over his material please

You’ve learnt the hard way. Now do the babypips course, study hard and be on your way to becoming profitable.


Just to let you know, they have been done by the FCA for scam activities. Check the link for more information.


Did you make any money on the signals received? If not, why not?

Took his course and signals. Firstly he took majority of the information from Babypips and made it his own. Secondly his so called “Signals” are trash and hit stoploss most the time. The times it does hit takeprofit he would publish it as a 50pip trade when in reality it was only 30pips. This was used to attract loads of individuals.

Even FCA has named and shamed them as a “SCAM”…

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Well, actually the FCA say the firm is carrying on regulated activities which require the FCA’s authorisation, which isn’t quite the same thing as running a scam.

I’m sorry if the experience has left you short of funds but its not illegal for him to sell material - training and signals - he’s got from other places. And charge for it.

Yes you could get it free, but its like anything else - if you want to learn to speak French you can either go to France and pick it up yourself or you can pay a teacher: a French class will be quicker and might be more effective, but it won’t be cheaper.

"However, some firms act without our authorisation and some knowingly run investment scams.

This firm is not authorised by us and is targeting people in the UK. Based upon information we hold, we believe it is carrying on regulated activities which require authorisation."

If they are not authorised to provide financial information then clearly they should not be sending out “signals”. They are clearly not fit for purpose or “Authorised” to perform such activities, this is why alot of people are standing up to their bad experience. People like this have targeted me and a lot of innocent people in buying their content/services. In reality all they are doing is selling every thing upon a false image.

I don’t want anyone to have such a conning experience, furthermore since posting this review their Trust pilot reviews are getting worse. Lot of people are now opening up with their experiences.


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Agreed. Sounds like a scam with unreliable signals. I’ve seen the material, it’s all basic stuff from babypips. Cant believe they’re charging so much for this rubbish.

Sounds like smart business. Get something cheap, re-package it, sell it on for more than you paid to get it.

Or should we think of supermarkets as a scam?

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They are all really do not care if you are making money on their signals, simply do believe me for that. Something like that should really be happened so everyone can really be profitable. Can you see it now ? Never pay for forex education anyway. I do not go with it.

I don’t believe in paying for trading education either. But I don’t say trainers are scammers because they demand payment for what is freely available in the public domain, they’re just business-people fulfilling a demand.

And right now we can’t say their signals were poor, we just don’t have enough information to judge.

Truly 24hrTradingAcademy is a scam and they’re still operating to misleading people and stealing their hard earned funds. This is the link to the above screenshot and also a proof that they are still continuing to defraud others. They need to be stopped. Don’t fall into their trap, they are buying fake reviews to deceive people and cover their fraudulent acts


did they send you the materials? if so, can you please send it to me.

What was your experience with this firm?

Forex, FX transactions always involve substantial amount of risk.

So always be careful and conscious.

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Never heard of them. Why don’t you take the pipsology course instead?

With so many options on the market, it gets really tough to decide which one to follow. When I was learning, I simply grabbed Trading in the Zone and practised on my demo account. This helped me in preparing myself both theoretically and practically. I think it’s better than any course that I would have taken.

Do you have the material?