$3.41 to $1,000 dollars scalping

Hi I’m gonna turn $3.41 into 1,000 dollars with my system as a scalping method I’ve started at 3.41 Incas it takes me ten tries so risking 10 bucks
Compounding method

Okay first nzd chf buy 0.01 lots tp 0.54097
Earn 73.36% 2.50 14.7 pips

On average I should get 7 pips each try compounding that’s 34.94%. I need to get 17 in a row to make 1,000

Interesting. But why start with $3.41? Why not start with $20 and get there faster with less trades? And how will we know if you were successful or not? Just wondering.


If it hits the tp I’ll post each time balance

I just wanted to start with ten bucks see how it goes

Looking gd so far nzd chf in profit

Closed nzd chf buy nzd cad sell tp 0.81455
46.8 pips interest 197.47%

Good. Very good.
But the problem is can you keep it for the next 10 years. Or 30 years?
Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
You ran very successfully in the short-term. But no one can run like that forever.
As a trader you should focus a steady and consistent profit.
Quick rich has no place in trading.

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Thank you for your words

NZD cad hit tp so ended up ten dollars I chucked 190 in so balance start is now 200

Uni swap sell tp 5.921 25.2 pips
Interest 18.7 percent $37.4

NZD chf sell tp 0.53335 13.2 pips 36.22%

Closed uni and nzd chf

Link chain buy tp 9.045 76.51%
GBP usd buy tp 1.29409 39.17%

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I’m guessing the $3.41 account came from a larger account that took some losses from a previous system?


No I’m very profitable I only wanted to risk ten bucks but now risking 200

why don’t you share image?


I’m not a scalper. Scalping requires constant monitoring of the markets and quick decision-making. It demands significant time and attention, making it difficult for traders who cannot dedicate considerable hours to trading or have other commitments.


Bitcoin buy tp 30156.74

so that account started with $10 and drop down to $3.41 and you grew it up to $200, Is that correct?

No I added 190
Ok sell gbp jpy tp 180.656 147.6 pips %110.80

Buy eur gbp tp 0.86826 23.6 pips 32.26%

EUR gbp didn’t come up but gbp jpy came down enough that together was 59 dollars in profit
Closed both positions for profit

NZD chf buy tp 0.54291 50.2 pips 43.16%
EUR gbp sell tp 0.86112 31.6 pips 30.21%

Closed nzd chf and eur gbp in profit
Balance $256.27

Now selling

Gbp jpy sell
NZD jpy sell

Reversed my positions changed nzd jpy and gbp jpy to buy