I cracked the code!

Cad jpy tp 104.753

Gold tp 1948.23

EUR chf buy tp 0.96555

Congratulations! I think it is essential to approach trading with caution .

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Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Thanks everyone :blush:

You said you’re not selling signals.

But asked who profits from your tips:

So which is it?

@flamingoproxy and @chesterjohn already explained it to you

Why not try following @chesterjohn and @flamingoproxy’s advice?? They were being nice and clearly explained what you should do to improve your tips/signals, and instead of following it, you create another thread doing the exact same thing as the first and second thread that people ignored.



If a babypips member posts that JPY is a buy I’d really love to understand their conclusion. The yen hasn’t been a buy for a seriously long time. In fact it has been the top sell for years.

So then, why buy JPY?


EUR nzd sell

Whatever will you do with all you riches?

Yes I fixed an error yesterday

Today is definite

Gold buy
EUR nzd sell
GBP Aud sell

I will buy a Ferrari and a mansion

Gold will go to 1946 today

But, I bet the farm yesterday because…

Sorry yes errors fixed now buy gold it’s going to 1946

michael jackson popcorn leaving


Not sure why I thought you were legit. :confused: I even wanted to try out the signals you share here. :frowning:

I was doing it the wrong way around oops

GBP nzd sell
EUR gbp buy

I am legit don’t give up on me

GBP nzd tp 2.08393
EUR gbp tp 0.86360

NZD jpy buy
Usd chf buy
EUR gbp buy

EUR usd long term sell