3 Health Tips for Forex Traders

From the last couple of days, I have been seeing a lot of posts related to traders feeling emotionally drained. Trading, no doubt, can be an exhausting activity -I juggle between parenting and trading. So, I am taking time to post a few tips that have helped me stay healthy and hope they do the same for you. Feel free to add more! :grinning:

1) Engage in a physical activity -

At times, to get rid of the stress and tension, all you need is to move your body. Gyming is well-known. I prefer making my exercises more accessible and time saving. So, I do callisthenics. Find what makes you comfortable.

Yoga and stretching and flexibility exercises are very effective, too. You could also try taking a cold shower, if your body can endure it. It’s great for your mind and body.

I use this channel for my home workouts -

2) Eat healthy food

When I started trading, I used to sit for hours looking at charts, munching chips and gulping soda. Trust me, it’s the worst thing you can do to your body. Healthy food = healthy trader. Replace all the junk food with healthy food. You will feel less lazy.

3) Become more self-aware

How are you feeling today as a trader? - Ask yourself this every day.

It is well-known that emotions impact our decisions. And sometimes, we are too overwhelmed but still force ourselves to trade - https://forums.babypips.com/t/have-you-ever-forced-yourself-to-trade/868281_
I think, in those times it’s better to take a break. If my mind is saying no trading, I don’t! Trade when you have clarity and focus.


got more information from your post , thanks for nice post.

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Haha. This was me! I used to munch on M&Ms and candy. But I switched to dried fruit and nuts.

And yes, stretching is helpful for sure. Especially after sitting in a chair for hours everyday.

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Being overweight is a pre-cursor to lots of health implications. But its easy to avoid - you don’t need super-foods or a gymn membership -

  • never drink any manufactured sugary drinks
  • have 3 good meals a day and don’t eat snacks
  • do some physical activity every day

Right. It doesn’t have to be the gym or a treadmill at home. Find a physical activity that you enjoy. Join a local volleyball league, swim club, martial arts, etc.

Even just walk in the park near your house with the dog. Maybe ditch the cigarettes, though.


Can’t agree more! I took gym memberships twice in my life (because of FOMO maybe) and both the times I just felt that lifting weights is not my thing. It’s not that I’m lazy or don’t want to indulge in physical activity, in fact I enjoy doing cardio at home, I go cycling daily. It makes me feel fit, energetic and refreshed but I just don’t like going to gym…


Don’t risk more than what you afford as that would lead to stress, and stress is not good for your health. Rest, I think having a good routine of going out for a walk or hitting the gym is fine.

You’re welcome! Glad that you like it :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a healthy replacement! :slightly_smiling_face:

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As a fellow trader I have to say I love these tips! Especially being a parent as well. Sometimes I just have to take a break and take my kids outside to jump on the trampoline or go for a walk. It’s also nice to take my laptop onto the porch and work outside on nice days. I think sitting in the stuffy house all day can cause us to feel depressed and overwhelmed.

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It sounds like your kids are too big for this, though…

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Ugh tell me about it. I need to be more intentional about working out!

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I reduce meat in my meals recently, more bean, tofu and vegetable, fresh fruit and fresh juice. I’m trying to have 40 minutes for yoga everyday, beside I go to shops, library, park with my kids, it helps me have more activities everyday.

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About 2 years ago I started taking a walk early in the morning, Around 4.30-5.00 AM , when most people are still sleeping, The air is fresh and a bit cold, very few vehicles around. But with the pandemic it stopped.

Recently got a foot cycle, Now I travel most places by that and it gives some exercise. Been thinking about riding it early morning for about an hour, still haven’t started. But after seeing this post, I might start very soon.


Haha I am wondering what the kid might be thinking all this while. Mommy, did you just give me birth so you can use a cute equipment for your workouts?

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Oof do you do this even during winter?


I’m from Sri Lanka. No seasons for us :relieved: :confused: It’s a mixed feeling. mostly happy, but a little bit sad since Haven’t seen snow in real life yet. …

Since we are so close to the equator it’s a combination of Sunny and rainy. :smiley:, Sometimes it rains in the morning and when that happens I’m seeeeeeping…


I personally know how important it is to follow these septs. Since I do two jobs that stay a long hours of sitting. Exercise is the key and taking short breaks once in a while. A lots and lots of Water too.

@zingTanja That’s nice! What do you do at your jobs?

Yoga is amazing! Because of it, my body is stronger than it was a decade ago. :muscle: Talking about juices, I love beetroot juice. :cup_with_straw: Which one is your favourite fruit juice?