3 Members from Perth, Western Australia

Yep! There are now 4 of us from Perth, the most isolated city in the world :

Tonymand, Mr Average and me, Tymen1. And recently joining us : Fallen Angel.

Considering that Western Australia is bigger than the Congo, is one third of USA and has a population of only 1.2 million it is truely awesome that there are 4 of us from this one spot in a huge planet full of people.

We must be an especially talented forex bunch! :smiley: :smiley:

Or it is the wonderful 8 hours of sunshine we get everyday - or the friendliness of the people.

Even the Chinese president detoured over to here on his journey to the world APEC meeting in Sydney!

Hi Tymen. I am not totally surprised given the strength of the local trading community. And dont let everyone know that if you are trading fx we are probably in the best timezone in the world

This question has been on my mind for a few days now, which
would be the best time zone in the world for FX?

Factors to be taken into consideration are, climate, (political &
weather) nearest beach, nearest pub.

I have a time zone map (see image) how sad am I?

To Daydreamer65 :

We have it all here - best climate and yes, some of the best beaches on the planet, thats for sure. Yeah, pubs everywhere if you want them, but I am a non drinker.

To live here in the town of Rockingham would have to be surely one of the laziest, easy going places anywhere. Everything, absolutely everything, is catered for in a balmy climate with slow living and modern brick+tile housing with waterfront cafes, islands with penguins and seals. Large yachts with colourful spinnakers grace the water on the north side, kite sailing and diving on the west side and windsurfing on the south side.
Fishing in boats (everyone has one) is on all sides.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!..who wants to live in smog?!

People are totally spoilt here.

If you do not live here, you are completely missing out.

I was not aware that we are also in a fabulous time zone for trading. But then, that makes sense since we are in line with Tokyo and close to the rest of Asia.

By comparison, Sydney and Melbourne are in “no mans land.”

I was not aware that we are a major trading community but thats great!!

I hope Mr Average can join us on this thread. He is posting elsewhere at the moment and I have communicated with him.


You know, it’s easy to forget (being a whingeing Pom) how great Perth is. Thanks for the reminder.:wink:

As for time zones, I think we have a pretty good deal. Our morning is the Asian open, our afternoon catches the Europe and London open, and if you really want to burn the candle at both ends, you can trade into the evening and through the US open (EST). Of course, daylight savings changes that a bit, but not much.

BTW Tymen: I’m NOR, near Joondalup.

I am in Nedlands so guess we have got this lil ole town covered!

I’m in Perth as well, and this is my first post here in this forum.

South of the River, Canning Vale.

Hi Fallen Angel. We are quite a community. Are any of you in the Sunday Traders club or members of the ATAA. If so we can say hi!

I did Australia in December and I mean DID Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Cairns and Brisbane in three weeks!

For an American, Perth was a good mix of Australia. It is beautiful and a little more laid back than Sydney or Melbourne. We drove down to Margaret River for a week.

Best part of Perth was getting the instructions for how to handle a Kangaroo jumping on your rental car. I felt like I was being punked.

Hello again everybody :

I will have to change the number to 4 now that Fallen Angel has joined us. Sorry Mr Average, the magic number disappears. I see what you mean that we are in a top time zone. A total smorgasbord. Welcome Mr Average, I am glad you joined us.

Welcome Fallen Angel.

Tonymand, I am a sharetrader but not a member of any of these organizations you mention.

Hope you enjoyed your stay here Tampaluke. You did, however, miss out on the red centre of Oz.

Yes, we have got our town covered :

Tonymand in Nedlands…slight south
Mr Average in Joondalup…north
Fallen Angel in Canning Vale…south
Tymen1 in Highgate…central
although I have lived all my life previously in Rockingham by the sea. (south).

I wonder if there are others here on this forum from Perth who we do not know about ! :slight_smile:

I will try to edit the number as we go along.

Nah, I’m not in either one of those communities. I never even knew that they existed in Perth in the first place. :smiley:

I’m relatively new in the Forex world, just trying to learn the ropes right now and move on from there. But hey, it’s nice to see that there’s quite a number of people from Perth. I never thought it’d be this many.

Maybe we will catch up for a drink sometime in the future.

We should all go for a drink together !

yes i would definitely be in to that

Finally, I thought that no one in perth is interested about Forex. I am looking for someone to discuss forex trading is anyone interested? I live in a claremont

WHat was the name of that movie about that guy killing all those people in a remote part of australia, it was by a big crater…I learned from that movie not to get help from STRANGERS, especially out in the middle of nowhere

Sorry i had nothing to say…bored today, waiting for the FED to ****e or get of the pot so i can start pippin.

Keep up the good post mates!

You might try either of these groups

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 18 21.14.zip (19 KB)

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 18 21.15.zip (7.37 KB)

I am new in forex I do follow it for some time but not very succesfully. Anyway I am glad that I am not alone in Perth with the same interests and believes that forex trading is the way to make extra money.

I think you would find the ATAA meeting tomorrow night at the University very informative. Rob was the first to teach me to trade this business

Unfortunatelly, I can’t tomorrow but do you know how often do they do it?

Yes its monthly and usually very good. About 30 or so traders turn up and the speakers usually excellent. I am sure if you email Louis you can be put on the mailing list