30 Pips A day Keeps the your money at bay

Its time to buy Gold :innocent:


Current trades have stops at break even.

Lets keep riding the gold buy :), retest of mayor break on the 4 hour with d point on lower time frames

Entered Gold at .236 XA where X is @ 1810 price and A @ record gold high

Buying Gold @ Daily retest confirmation

Buying gold @ 2306

Stops are positive

161% cd 30 min D point

Buying Gold to 2400, scalping at first signs of resistence

Buying Aud Jpy

Selling Gold @ 3.445 D Point converging with .886 of xa on 30 min

Added positions, all stops are positive

Re-entered on flag

Took me out of two of my positions but 3 survived and confirmed

Buying Gold

Selling @ 2450

Gold buy opportunity now

Bitcoin will reach 85k

Buy as much bitcoin as possible today and hold it until i tell you to. If you know anyone tell them to do it today aswell it has to be now.

They linited the leverage on my account after seeing me switch back to my main strategy :sweat_smile::rofl::innocent: all good we will still make money with them