$50000 Challenge

Hi All

If Interested checkout my latest blog the challenge begins on 30th March 2009 at Journal of a $50,000 FOREX Challenge visit daily for progress.

Post any questions you may have on the blog or leave contact detail if you want me to keep you updated.

Only a few days left before it all begins

get the latest at Journal of a $50000 FOREX Challenge

Less than 2 days left, this is set to be one heck of a challenge. Is it possible what do you think ?

I smell the rouse of a future system that yearns to be sold by this poster.

Luck can double an account in a month. Just need the noobish elements of over-betting and poor money management.

You are quite right; hopefully you will see good risk management and systematic trades which you can comment on when the transactions are publicly published.

Remember this is a fun challenge not a witch hunt and please VOTE.

Your comments are respectfully received.


Good challange and i wish you all the best and most success.

Maybe after you succeed you can help me turn 2K into 50K with your system

If you have time lol.

  • Massd07 -

Thanks ! May take you up on that.

The challenge begins on 30th March 2009 visit daily for progress please vote !

I look forward to a positive response.

all the best once more.

… may I ask what your system is?

Free to see if price action algorithms really works or not follow the challenge and learn from the published report.

Just finished the last preperations and ready for the challenge. Zzzzzz.

Are you papertrailing the 50 K.
Or is it genuine 50 K

Genuine. A full report will be published at the end of the challenge.

Checkout daily for progress.

Will the challenge be won the public say
36% (Yes), 63% (No), 18% (Not sure)

I think its a bit unfair that others can place weblinks, this challenge will be a good learning aid for other members. Besides if anyone is getting advertising its babypips.

The only reason why I choose blogspot .com website to run the challenge is the fact that it allows those that are interested to vote. If babypips has such a tool please let me know i would be happy to do it here.


GoldTip / Jenariofx

Where’s the accountability?

Perhaps you should provide an investor username/password with a Metatrader broker.

I just as well could create a full report at the end of one month’s time detailing how I doubled an account.

The age old question here is:

What’s in it for you Goldtip?

For surely it is something, isn’t it? Looking to sell something later maybe? That would be my skeptical guess.

  1. The accountability is using an independent MT4 platform that will execute my orders and generate the final report.

  2. Unfortunately I cannot provide such access as I am sure others will take advantage and make money for themselves regardless of the whole point of the challenge.

  3. If you have a concern about cheating then you can scrutinise the published reports as much as you want. I am sure many will benefit from this challenge and I am in the business of not just developing models and talking about it, but also proving its viability.

Your comments have respectfully been received. Thanks.

If you want daily updates on the challenge or full coverage send me your email details and i’ll keep you updated.

I guess it�s publicly benchmarking the viability of the model, risks associated and profitability. Who knows what will come of this challenge it may fail horribly.

Your comments have respectfully been received. Thanks.

Leave contact details if you want the most up to date coverage.

For full converage and report send me your email address or search via google

Will the challenge be won the public say
28.5% (Yes), 57.1% (No), 14.4% (Not sure)