90 percent hit there mark - tp thread

Bro, you’re all over the place. In September 2022 you started a thread for your signals. Then you start posting signals on new threads.

How could I possibly rely on your signals if you’re posting in different places? How can I follow you if you can’t even consistently post in the same place?

This is a new strategy every new thread is a variable cut out and new strategy revealed

I consider them losers

I have a great feeling about this thread :blush:

I’m going to sleep soon the three best to trade are nzd jpy sell nzd chf sell gbp Aud buy

Please post a link to where you revealed a new strategy.


:dizzy_face: :crazy_face: :grimacing: :angry:

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Really? You consider each of your prior threads a loser?

So, imagine what would have happened to me if I were following your signals! I’d have been taking signals from a guy who considers his OWN trades losers.

You said you cracked the code. Now, you’re saying it was a loser. You’re ruining your own credibility. And it gets worse with each new thread you create.

How can anyone trust anything you say?

I’ll just wait for your next thread, it’ll be even better!

I found the problem last night I’m so close to the holy grail

EUR Aud sell tp 1.66762
111 pips

I will crack the code watch EUR Aud sell already in profit :blush:

Usd jpy sell tp 138.815
607 pips

EUR jpy tp 1.63644
423 pips

Cad chf sell tp 0.64219
67.5 pips

EUR Aud short term tp 1.67101

Cad chf short term tp 0.64317

Aud usd sell
NZD chf sell

You said you cracked the code already. That was literally the name of your thread. Did you forget?

So, what does that mean? You cracked the code already, or you’re still working on it?


I cracked the code watch cad chf tumble

Big profit coming with this cad chf sell today I cracked the code

Gold will go up cause cad chf will crash

So close

Aud chf sell tp 0.56280

GBP chf sell tp 1.10624