A gender bias or just might be true

I have a trading group that meets three days a week and I keep hearing things like

“Women are better traders…”
“… Because they’re more patient”
“… Because they’re better at discernment”
“… Because they have sharper intuitions”
“… they make more money in the game”

I am a woman and find this something to think about. I agree that I am so patient to enter trades to a fault. What’s your take?

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I wonder if there is even enough women trading to be able to generalise…


I wouldn’t be surprised if there was greater success at different types of trading based on time frames but I agree in that first you would need to know if the sample size is big enough for female traders to form a basis of opinion.

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its a good message you have done , thanks for nice message.

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I’m also a woman so I’m happy that at least, people are no longer saying that forex is a man’s world etc (although tbh, there are still more men traders, i think haha). :sweat_smile: As to if we’re actually better traders and whether we make more money… hahaha I’m not so sure about that yet! :smiley: But I’d love to read more on this. :smiley:


i have received remarks of surprise when the words “forex trader” leaves my lips, so i get there aren’t much women trading, this i can affirm. it’ll actually be good for stay-at-home moms to learn this skill because it’ll give them something to do if there’s some idle time :thinking:

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I think it works against women having generalizations like that. I feel like it sets a lot of us up for failure if we (for a lot of reasons) don’t fit that stereotype. I’d rather be identified as a newbie trader vs. a woman trader you know? Me being a woman, while sure it does help categorize me, does not identify me. Not sure if that makes sense. :sweat_smile:

We do need more women traders though thats for sure!

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I heard Jordan Petersen arguing that there will always be an imbalance between the genders in different professions because men and women are different. He put it bluntly - men are more interested in things than in people, women are more interested in people than in things.

This tendency is hard to measure objectively but its effect is obvious - even where there is no discrimination by law, culture or employer policies, there are more men who are professional engineers and more women who are professional nurses. In our context, you could say “traders” instead of “engineers”.

As both genders are free to express their own preferences, how can this be wrong?


Well said. Women are indeed more patient than men and that is surely an advantage for them. Rest, i believe be it men or women one should just focus at being good at trading rather than judging which one of the two genders is better at it.


It does make sense. I truly won’t like to be called a “female/woman trader” anymore.

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Someone made this remark today but he said women like simple things and men like the technical.

Lol, I’ve always preferred advanced math to simple alegbra.

I strongly believe regardless of gender, we are capable of being good and patient traders and doing good trading, technical or not

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Absolutely. There’s no biological reason why a woman and a man can’t learn the same skills for the same work. Its just that mostly they don’t want to (there will probably be a biological reason why they don’t want to of course).

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I think generalizations like that are pointless, different people have different qualities and each one is unique in their own way.


I suppose another perspective of that could be that we define women traders as in “show me a how a girl kicks/punches” you know? So we could succeed and then define it. “That’s not how a man thinks!” lol whatever that means. All stereotypes!

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Let me try to inject a slightly different viewpoint into this discussion - Firstly I believe men and women are different ON AVERAGE - but there are far more similarities than differences.

So let us begin ;

Why ? do you think that is important - so important as to be a “Need” ?

[Edit - please do Not take this as a “Confrontation” - it is intended as an invitation to examine that thought - and perhaps to enter a sincere and genuine discussion of it :slightly_smiling_face: ]

That seems really very keen and sounds great - are these people mixed sex wise and Age wise ? or do they tend to be similar in these aspects ?

There is not as far as I know ANY credible evidence that is true and any evidence offerred needs to be sincerely and deeply examined for ideological bias and false data

That seems to be a jump from a very dubious statement imo - to giving dubious and unproven “explanations” for that simple “assertion”

Ask them to show you some credible evidence for that assertion - As far as I know - there is no truth in that assertion. IF they do show you “evidence” - I think you will find it traces back to an article we have looked at - at least twice already on this forum - and I find no real credibility in that “conclusion” - INdeed - although that was the “conclusion” in the Synopsis by the article writer - It was NOT even the correct conclusion to have derived from teh data.

That’s nice for you .

That may be so - but “Fear of entering a trade” - is another possibility - and one which we all suffer from sometimes.

Now I do not argue that “men are better” or “women are better” - and the assertion that “women are equal - but also somehow better” - is something pointed out by Douglas Murray in his book “The Madness of Crowds”

I think this time - is the right time for us all - especially our younger members to take a little deeper look at those things we are being asked to confront each other about

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Falstaff, I have great respect for you but I have read your posts (and stayed silent all this time) on what you think about gender differences and you have a tendency to lean towards the misogynistic side. You also tend to be pushy and argumentative and I find it extremely stressful just reading some of your posts regarding this topic. When it comes to other subjects, you are a much better poster. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I will no longer engage with you on this matter.

Seemed like a fairly reasonable question to ask - However, I can appreciate that my intention WAS to ask you to consider your “belief system” and I hoped to engender a little self-questioning of your stance.

Your response seems to indicate that to even consider that there may be an alternative view could induce some cognitive dissonance and indeed that possibility may already have been recognised by you.

So you decide in the normal “conditioned response” reaction - to simply refuse to consider that anyone else may have an alternative point of view worth hearing - We’ve heard it all before and someone else once said in a similar context “I’m very selective as to what I read”

And so as to imply that your refusal to consider THE QUESTION - is a reasonable stance to take - instead make a personal attack on the person asking the question by aggressive insults

OK Lass - You run away from the question if you want to - but I have faith in the casual observers to see that the question was in no way sex biased - but was simply questioning something which you hold as self-evident

By asking “Why” ?

I am genuinely sad for you - but sincerely maintain the hope - that one day you may be able to take a look at both sides of any argument and form an opiniion based on logical thought and discussion - rather than feeling obliged to defend what appears to be simple prejudice - Clearly this is not that time.

I wish you well :slightly_smiling_face:

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