⛄️ A Holiday Contest: Why Do You Keep Coming Back to BabyPips.com?

2019 is fast approaching and before this year officially ends, we thought we’d do a quick and easy contest for all y’all awesome forum members!

(We’ll start off easy with this one, but the upcoming activities we’ll soon have will be a bit more challenging! So we hope you’re ready for those!)

Here’s how easy this contest is. All you have to do is…

Come up with your best and most creative answer to this question:

Why do you keep coming back to BabyPips.com?

There will be two winners:

  1. The answer with the MOST number of likes.
  2. Another answer deemed most creative by us, the BabyPips.com team!

Each will get a $50 Amazon e-gift card!

This mini contest will run beginning today until December 26, 2018, 11:59 PM Eastern Time! We will close this thread at 11:59 PM ET of December 26. Final number of likes will also be counted then. We’ll be announcing the winners on this same thread the following day, December 27, 2018.

Remember, it’s not about how short or long your answer is - it’s about being CREATIVE with your answers! Go go go!


I initially visited Babypips at the suggestion of a friend and found a home here where I can continually learn and brush up on my trading skills and education. Soon thereafter I accidentally turned on the acessibility feature requiring verbal commands only, on my first Imac computer. Unable to figure out how to turn the feature off, I then developed a fear of making it worse, which then morphed into acute Koumpounophobia, (fear of buttons) thereby making me unable to use the keyboard or mouse to navigate away from your site. I only know two speech commands, page forward and page back, with which I have been navigating Babypips ever since. For me, the internet consists only of the Babypips website. Thank you for having such deep and varied content so as to keep me fully engaged every single day. Bravo, Babypips, bravo.


I keep coming back because Pipn’ ain’t easy!!!


Because Donald Trump never opened BabyPips.com and now he is officially the dumbest and most uneducated President in the world.


You know that one sushi restaurant you love? The one with the all-you-can-eat special, and that amazing shrimp tempura roll with the perfectly drizzled soy sauce (how do they do that every. single. time?!)? It’s the restaurant you tell all your friends about because, well, damn, it’s just good!

You know that time you discovered Alan Watts and watched some of his videos, and then read some of his books, and each time you came back to his work it was like, “Holy crap, I feel my brain restructuring itself”?

Have you ever felt like there was no one to talk about your love for pens or some weird little thing you love? Why does it feel like I’m the only one that understands how amazing the Pilot G-2’s are?!

Well, Baby Pips is like all of those things except for trading! There’s people here who enjoy talking about the subtleties of oscillators and the raging debate about leading vs lagging indicators. You know… I’m still not sure if RSI is leading or lagging (am noob).

I show all my smart friends Baby Pips, especially School of Pipsology. I recommend it so much that I have the url memorized (ok ok, I get the “learn” and the “forex” parts of the address mixed up sometimes, but you catch my drift right?).

In fact, I’m so enamored with the way Baby Pips has constructed that whole tutorial that I’ve taken on that voice when writing content for my job. I recently got kudos from a client for a manager’s guide I created: “phenomenal”, “perfect”, “weird but it works”. I had the Baby Pips tutorial up in another tab the entire time.

Baby Pips makes forex and trading even more fun than it already is. Between staring at bitcoin charts and messing with Pine Script, I pop on to learn about new strategies, new ideas, things I’ve never thought about or haven’t encountered yet and it gets my brain whirring.

Baby Pips is exactly what potentially dull, dry things like standard deviation indicators and complex formulas need: life, levity, awesomeness.

I’m glad I get a chance to fawn over this amazing site in public. These thoughts are usually just rolling around in my head, “Damn, I wish I would have made this site. It’s so sick.”


Awww. :blush: This question might make me all dramatic lol. :sweat_smile:

Forex used to be something that’s super alien to me. I actually think that not a lot of people in my country know about forex (aside from the scammy and questionable seminars randomly offered on FB. :sweat:) I had a really rough time learning the basics, and I think it was a real blessing when I was asked to check out the school of pipsology! :smiley: Of course, it was still pretty challenging, but I was able to understand forex basics better. :slight_smile: I keep checking out the school every now and then to revisit what I’ve learned. :smiley: But I guess, more than that, I just love this community! I got to meet so many different people from all over the world! I love how nice and helpful the other members are. I’ve always been inquisitive, so I didn’t want to annoy people with my questions. But, with BabyPips forums, I feel more welcome to really express myself and ask questions that are important to me. :slight_smile:

Tbh, I don’t really need to win. :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanna express my gratitude to everyone who might be able to read this! You guys are really amazing and I hope there would come a time I could at least get to meet you in person. :smiley:


I just want to learn how to make money


As my country Nigerian is the worlds poverty capital, I began to seek out way to help my family, I ran into forex, opened a demo account, but looking at a green and black chart that made no sense, I gave up Till I stumble on babypips, it began to make some sense. Now I check my inbox everyday for big pippin trade ideas. Again, the cheat sheet about patterns is awesome I had to save a copy. Most importantly, I need this $50 to open a real forex account. Thank you all and may the pips be with you.


Bro stop saying shitty about your country am from Tanzania


babypips isn’t only my teacher/ trainer, it’s my mentor and my guardian. It has never abandoned me whether I loose, win or get myself carried away by emotion, babypips always welcomes me back and help me get on my feet again ready to trade . If babypips had not been there, believe me, “thousands of professional traders and myself would not be who we are today.” I’ll never forsake you babypips never,I sometimes wish you had an appreciation account so that I may be depositing frequently for what you continue doing for me and the world. May God always be your guide.


Well, your country is not the worlds poverty capital? It’s ain’t shitting, it’s real.

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Thanks for chosen these opportunity to let us measure ourselves of what the school have us becoming.
I can now trade is because I was here to gained by here. I am here because they have an answers of who I want to become… I swing I trade options/ futures.


Men, I ain’t saying ■■■■, it is fact. And yes it sounds like ■■■■, but it’s fact and it does not care how I feel. Even Nigerian senators say that much

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This is an actual quote from a Nigerian senator" Just devastated to read that not only have we taken over from India as world headquarters for extreme poverty, we have also taken over from India as world headquarters for infant mortality and out of school children population. They promised us change and delivered nightmares!"

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Oh baby baby BabyPips sounds cutie~
Oh baby baby BabyPips is funny~
Oh baby baby BabyPips makes easy~
Oh baby baby BabyPips brings money~


Because I want pips for my new baby girl coming this Christmas!


To Learn and to Teach…


In the words of some dude on the internet “if you’re not supposed to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge?” I come because the website is there…plus the jokes are pretty funny.


I keep coming back to babypips because babypips is an encyclopedia of forex trading. it contains every aspect you need to become successful. From technical Analysis to fundamental analysis they got my back. A unique feature of babypips is how they make things so simple and funny at the same time. Babypips aka forexcomepedia. Lol