A working an profitable strategy

I have tried a lot of day trading strategies no one seems working for me.

Sometimes I do wonder how some traders where able to make a consistent profit with their trading set ups and strategies in this so called complicated system called forex trading
Please let’s be honest all I want here is the honest truth I prefer the truth no matter how bitter it is, it will be far more better for me than sweet lies and fake promises
Pls does any one here have a trading strategy that he/she also use that works for him consistently
Please someone should help a brother

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Everyone went through that situation. It takes years to get the trading style that suits you.

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one of my strategy from portfolio is available here

Yes, I sympathise. The current market place is making it extremely difficult. I suggest you take a look at GBP/: CAD JPY & USD breaking out of supply and demand zones - initially called the London breakout. Beware, it could get very volatile with several retacements, but suitable for a day trading account. The breakout candle must be a solid fat candle, ideally with a short wick, not a skinny one with long wicks. That is your entry point.

S&D price action is a recent mini S&R zones within the daily Asian market session. Just set a S/L and Profit target - then forget about it.

My suggestion is only that, and whether you get lucky really relies on hitting a quick trend that lasts. But, whatever strategy you use, there will always be long losing streaks - it’s normal and best to persevere, perhaps on a demo account until your confidence returns…

Maybe it’s that day trading doesn’t work, not the strategies?

Take a look at this post and the following thread (Price Action, Market Structure & Bollinger Band). I’ve really only started this routine this recently, but for the first time in a long time I’m actually ahead.

@Cloudninee has gone to alot of effort on that thread, much props to him.

Also, I’d say that any technique that keeps you away from the lower timeframes is a step in the right direction.

I will take a deeper look at the thread, although from a quick glance I think its far too complex a strategy for my mediocre mind to handle.

Thank you @Johnscott31 and @BCShaf for recommending my thread :smiley:

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have you ever tried Price Action?