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Soy nuevo en forex, bueno en todo esto, y me atrae mucho iq option para practicar en su cuenta demo, esta bien usarla o meta trader tiene algo de mejor? veo que hablan bastante de meta trader pero me gustaría saber porque ?

Hello everyone. Just curious here​:thinking::thinking:, is paying 2k US dollar are worth it for a 2-day Forex Seminar? Thanks much… enlightened me guys.

Let me stop you right there. If someone is giving a signal about buying usdjpy, then you are accually selling jpyusd.
You are always buying/selling the first currencie over the second currencies in this case: buying usd against jpy.
I hope I informed you enough. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Download metatrader4 and you can open a demo account from there.

It could be worth the 2k dollars. But i do know someone who will teach you for 1500,- euro’s. I learned from him too and i can tell you he is amazing. You get into a traders chat as well to discuss and learn from each other. You get life long coaching with it and along with the course, you get some strategys with it. Let me know if you are interested kimchi.panda. Then I will set up a meeting for you.

Kind regards

Nope, not worth it.
You can learn all that stuff free from YouTube or pay a course for about $250 and teach you all fundamentals. But if you expect from a 2day seminar to get better on trading then forget it, it all depends from you and I am telling this from my experience because I’ve paid for a forex course in the beginning of my journey of trading. But if you want to improve your trading then seminars are helpful but 2K for a seminar is a joke.

Okay thanks

I don’t think so its a good deal. There are various free ways to learn, plus forex is not a thing that can be learnt in 2 days so better look out for free courses like the babypips course itself.

so i’m really into this and i don’t have any money and my family have no idea what does this can field can do so, can i start with max 20 dollars?
i saw a vid on yt that a gut changed a 20 bucks to 300 in a matter of days so here comes my question, is there are any broker that can offer a 500 margin without paying monthly fees ?

Demo account is just for practice just as a test drive but the actual drive is when you face the real ongoing situations in market, that will decide how skilled you are and will also reflect the practice of your demo account.