Affordable good courses or other free source material

Hi, just wanted recommendations on actual good courses as I see most people say that courses are scams, I am a beginner trade and want to shorten my learning curve if possible. Please recommend good courses or other free source material other than babypips to study.

You can buy paid courses for educating yourself with the best trading education. There are so many free materials available only that also you can use to earn knowledge.

There is no short cut to eventual success. So prepare yourself for the long haul, and ignore social media marketing hype which is fantasy land,

As for good courses, you’re here on this great education site - all for no cost.

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A training course is a good way to shorten your learning period. Although they cost money what you pay in course fees might be less than what you might have lost if you jumped straight into trading withy insufficient knowledge.

A course fee is only high value if you are pressed for time - such as if you need to evaluate trading urgently as you have another option you need to decide on asap.

A training course will be a quick way to absorb necessary information, do not expect it to get you an immediate living from trading.

Nothing wrong with taking acourse . A course is good for showing you how to actually use the tools you learned , but don’t expect a course to make a big change in 6 months for your trading . Sometimes the strategies they teach in a course might not fit your personality , so take bits & pieces & make your own style :100:. Once you figure out your style , just YouTube the rest .

There is more information available. Try the search function.

To learn Forex trading, you can go for affordable forex courses. You can also follow the available sources online.

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