Al Brooks course

For you who know Al Brooks, have you seen his trading course? It’s jam packed with information. I was hoping to understand him better and then go back and re-read his books which seem to be really hard to understand.

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yes - it’s outstanding :+1:

it’s kind of hard to imagine that people could work their way through that (having done the Babypips introductory course and had some screen-time practice with charts) and not manage to become successful … but i suppose some people are just determined to ignore price action and use multiple indicators only, and that does kind of make it hard to help them

makes sense :sunglasses:

(i would still give the first book a miss, personally, even after the course - it’s “hard to understand” because it’s badly written and badly edited; all its content is re-explained much more clearly in the other 3 books anyway)


I ditched the indicators except for 20 EMA thanks to Brooks. I have seen improvements because of this. Still it takes effort to follow him and probably will need to watch the course more than once.

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Watching Al Brooks review trading opportunities is a privilege. He demonstrates that every new candle makes a new chart and he can find a trade from almost every new candle.

And that can be a problem, the belief that any new candle means a new trade.


Hey there! Al Brooks’ trading course sounds like a great opportunity to dive deeper into his techniques. Courses can often provide more structured insights compared to books. Once you’ve grasped the concepts, revisiting his books might become easier. Learning from different formats can enhance your understanding. Happy learning

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It seems a lot of you have completed his course. Do you have any links to his content?

You can check his website.

Looks very interesting! :open_mouth: And with the positive reviews of the others on this thread, I’d want to try it out but it’s a bit too expensive. :sweat_smile:

Yep, also a little out of my price range at the moment. His books aren’t cheap either!

As i researched tom hougaard a lot lately, i came across this free al brooks video course that he is presenting on his website. I just hadnt the time yet, so i can only share the link.

I’ve just been finished watching a few of the videos on his YouTube channel and have read through some of the free content on his web site. It does seem quite encouraging.

I was wondering, how many of you have actually paid for and completed course? And what is your review. Is it worth the money or just full of information freely found online?

I’m could liquidate some of my crypto holdings to pay for the course, but don’t want to if it’s a waste of time.

So, we’ve gone radio silence have we??


I’m going to buy this course and blame you lot if it’s plop :poop:

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lol, you can blame me, then - i’m guessing i’m the only person here who’s actually seen the whole course, and from my (obviously limited) knowledge of you, i’m recommending it as unreservedly as i can for you

not too difficult to see why?

this forum is for spot forex beginners (who mostly want multi-indicators and dream of finding some “system” they can simply copy which will make them almost effortless money; many don’t actually know what spot forex is or what a “broker” is; many imagine that “exactly when to enter a trade” is the most important thing (it’s actually one of the least important) and that if they can get that right, everything else will work out ok

Al Brooks is teaching the opposite to all that (and he trades futures by price action, mostly not from indicators)

how many people here do you really expect to advise you? :wink:

no disrespect to Babypips, but it’s the wrong forum to find answers to what you’re asking - look in a futures forum :wink:

I see, I see

I liked that he was teaching price action and how to read the charts to help predict what would possibly happen next. This method seem a lot more logical approach to me rather than sticking on a ton of indicators. Only part I’m wondering is that he seems to be only really trading Emini futures, but I would like to trade using spread betting system and not limit myself to just indicies, so wasn’t sure if the course teaching would be compatible.

Al has a forex course too. I am going through it now.

I saw on some reviews that the Forex version is the exact same as the other version but has less content in the way of examples etc.

So I was going to buy the other course in a hope it’ll cover forex anyway. I don’t fancy buying both courses as not sure the extra cost would be worth it.

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Getting both is about $100 extra if I remember correctly.

Yes, it’s $100 more. But I think I’ll just stick with the regular course as I’ve already done a ton of courses that are specific to forex. Here’s the costings and what you get:

Your choice

i haven’t seen that, but have heard that it bears little resemblance to his trading course (i think “in terms of value”)