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2022 - Week#34
Three weeks of no trades and then, 8 trades this week. That’s the nature of my strategy. What can I do?:wink:


You will have to go through all the posts to understand. But here is in short…I started with $200 then added approx. $1000 along the way of my trading journey. I’m still down around 25%.

I get it now. I was not aware that you had deposited more money to the account.

2022 - Week#35
Wow, Aug. ended in green and this week too. Good job Algo :slight_smile:

@ProfesorPips: I think you meant to post in your trading journal. Correct?

I am sorry, yes my mistake, thank you for information :slight_smile:

2022 - Week#36
Seems graph is moving in right direction :slight_smile:

2022 - Week#37
Is this for real? :slight_smile: For the first time in this year my account is under 20% loss. Big wins this week!



2022 - Week#38

Woho! :slight_smile: Just 2% left to reach 0 line.

This week I sold a few shares and added 2.5K to the account. Now I’m trading 28 instruments. This has changed everything in my account. Look at where my account stands now. This is a huge milestone in my trading journey. Who knows what will happen in the future but would like to capture this moment. :slight_smile:

I hope this graph will continue to proceed in the right direction. :slight_smile:

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2022 - Week#39

Lots of trades, lots of wins and then few losses swiped it off. :slight_smile: Need some work there. Overall month ended in green.


2022 - Week#40
My journey is hovering around 0 line. Just waiting to pass it above 0 line and stay there forever :slight_smile:

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2022 - Week#41
Finally, graph is above 0 line :slight_smile: Let’s see if stays there forever :slight_smile:

2022 - Week#42
Looks like tables have turned :slight_smile: My performance donut has turned green. Hurray!!! It took 40 weeks to come to this stage. Proud of my Algo :slight_smile:


From 2022-week#2

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2022 - Week#43
Looking good so far :slight_smile: Hoping to end year on positive note :slight_smile:

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2022 - Week#44
Back to Zero line! Is there a magnet at zero line? Need to find out :slight_smile:

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2022 - Week#45
Just over zero line.

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you still trading and writing code? been looking for a solid developer with some trading knowledge to collaborate with on a social trading app, I’ve started work on an alert system that will integrate with it- it detects low float momentum stocks, news & social sentiment, and meme stocks. would be great to implement it into forex trading


Really appreciate your interest in collaboration! Unfortunately, I can’t collaborate at this my full-time job is highly demanding.

2022 - Week#46
Still hovering around zero line. Seem zero-line magnet is strong :slight_smile:
There won’t be any updates as going out for some time, but Algos will still working for me: :wink:

2022 - Week#50
I’m back after a good break! Algo was doing its job when I was out and is still hovering around zero line.