Algo trading Fx

2022 - Last week of the year

Hello traders! Happy new year! Overall, the year ended in loss. Will see what this new year brings. Happy trading :slight_smile:

2023 - Week#1
Super-duper losses.

  1. Cause: trading 28 instruments. Not all instruments work for this strategy.
    Solution: Only trade instruments for which this strategy works. That is, 5 instruments.
  2. Cause: Did not properly back tested. Discovered that there was a bug in back testing.
    Solution: Fixed the bug which brings down the number to 5 instruments.

Will see how this goes.

2023 - Week#2
Two winning trades this week!

If you don’t mind sharing, what are your total deposits, balance and equity?

Thank you.

2023 - Week#3
Some more losses :slightly_frowning_face:

2023 - Week#4

2023 - Week#5
Nothing here.

2023 - Week#6
Holding in there.

2023 - Week#7
Little better.

2023 - Week#8

2023 - Week#9

2023 - Week#10

2023 - Week#11