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2023 - Week#17
Finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. First green month after long time! It’s been a tough journey, but I’m glad I didn’t give up.

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2023 - Week#18

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2023 - Week#19

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2023 - Week#20

2023 - Week#21

Babypips is not allowing to paste journey image. Did good last week.

2023 - Week#22
Seems tables have turned! Another green month. Now the important thing is being consistent.

2023 - Week#23

2023 - Week#24
This week marks my 3rd year of Algo trading. What a journey! During this journey only saw few green days. Still working on it and have no plan of quitting until I make it. Here is where I stand today…


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2023 - Week#25

2023 - Week#26

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2023 - Week#27

2023 - Week#28

2023 - Week#29

2023 - Week#30

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2023 - Week#31

2023 - Week#32

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2023 - Week#33

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I really cannot get what you mean, oanda API is something rather that the information it has for forming the charts? give us more details, what exactly was that API? why does reversing that can help you with trading?

To know about Oanda API, I would recommend to either google OANDA API or go directly to their website. I use this API to get candles (current and historical), place my trades (buy, sell, stop loss, take profit and close) and to analyze and produce analytical charts like I have been posting here. If you are looking for anything specific, please let me know.

Thank you, I just do not really get why you would do that, I mean, why don’t you use the trading view charts or MT4/MT5 charts?