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Hello @s_kushwah
What is the granularity symbol for 4 hours
Daily = D
Weekly = W
Monthly = M1

every thing else gives me an exception error…

I am using Python by the way.


H4 is for 4 hours. By the way ‘M1’ is for one minute and not for monthly candles.

2021 - Week#27

My ‘NearHighLow’ strategy is not doing well at present. Multiple losses. However, the beauty is it only needs one or two trades to recover. I’m analyzing past trades but I haven’t found anything significant based on which I can change my stop loss strategy. So far 72 trades with this strategy. I think it will take some more trades before I conclude on anything.

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2021 - Week#28

Consistency does matter and I can’t think of achieving it without automation. I salute those who are trading manually and consistently following the same rules!

So this week I had only 2 losing trades. For the last two weeks my “NearHighLow” strategy was not doing good. I was back testing and planning on changing some rules. It’s good that I waited before changing any rule. The beauty of the “NearHighLow” strategy is, I can have multiple losses but one or two trades can recover it all as I let my profits run.

However, I’m changing stop loss for EUR_USD and GBP_CHF. For these two instruments stop loss will be 1.5 times of four hour timeframe ATR. This is based on the analysis I have done on my trades. Will see how this will turn out.

This week:

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2021 - Week#29

I don’t know. Am I doing something right? All green this week and last week too. :smile:
Having said that, I made a mistake as well this week. So last week I posted about putting stop loss based on ATR. I did that however there was no stop placed. Emotionally I was happy, I won’t stop out but logically it wasn’t right. So I started looking at the code and everything seems to be right. After debugging I realized that for 14 periods ATR I was only providing 14 candles hence ATR was always zero. Daa! Fixed that problem and things are back to normal.:slight_smile:

Note that the trades without stop loss turned out to be winners.:slight_smile:

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2021 - Week#30

The irony is that the stop got hit and then the price reversed in my direction :slight_smile: So, I guess you apply ATR stop or whatever, it will get hit and the price will reverse. This is part of the game.

Good news for me, the 2nd green month of the year! Hurray!!! :slight_smile: Let’s see how long this celebration lasts :slight_smile:

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2021 - Week#31

The first trade of the month was green! Though, the week was very calm. Gained some, lost some and ended up almost breakeven. Generally Fridays are very volatile and few of my trades touched the target but since I let my profit run, they came back to break even and got closed. I need to back test and analyze my trades to see Friday’s trade behaviour. Will see where this will lead me…

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2021 - Week#32

Hmm, Oanda has decommissioned their Trading Performance Portal. It means no more graphs. :frowning: . Performance tool was helping me in analyzing my trades. Now I have to make those graphs by myself in addition to other analytical reports. Something to do for next week :slight_smile:

This week, losses in the beginning of the week and recovered by the end of the week. Ended week on breakeven. Same story as last week.

Hi, check myfxbook and fxblue :wink: Regards Greg

@ProfesorPips: Hey Greg thank you for the sites! I’ll explore them. In the mean time I was able to put together my weekly and whole journey graphs by myself.

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2021 - Week#33

Long losing streak this week! Which brought me back to 15% losing area. I was at 13% losing area. No worries things will turn back.:slight_smile:

Since Oanda has decommissioned their trade analysis tools, this week I have spent some time in building trade analysis pertaining to my Algo strategies. For example, I trade 3 strategies, so I want to know the performance for each strategy.

I’m still in the process of building graphs and analysis tools. Will see how graphs and tools will turn out.

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2021 - Week#34

Good week! Recovered half of my last week’s losses and now my losses are in the 14% range. This week my focus was on developing stats by each Algo strategy. I was able to put together a performance by strategy graph.

Out of 5 strategies I’m trading 3 strategies at present. I started Algo trading with ‘FourCandles’ but then stopped for obvious reasons, it didn’t work :slight_smile: I tried discretionary trading but it’s not for me. So now I’m trading MagneticWicks, NearHighLow and MagWickNrHL. ‘MagWickNrHL’ is a mix of MagneticWicks and NearHighLow. It analyzes the 10 candle wicks (same as MagneticWicks) however only trades if the candle is within the range of 5-15% of Daily high/low (same as NearHighLow). Dynamic position size is used based on how far the candle is from Daily high/low.

Next thing will be to get details on how instruments performed for each strategy etc. After looking at the data lots of ideas are coming to mind. Will see how much analytical I can get and improve strategies based on the analysis.

Keep up the studies you’ll find the truth how this markets book one day as I have for myself it’s possible. Good luck on your endeavors!

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2021 - Week#35

Big big dips created a dent in my account! My losses are back to the 18% range now. Anyway this will continue. Sometimes big dips and sometimes big wins.

The interesting thing for me is that I was able to put together some stats on how instruments are behaving under different strategies. So for the ‘NearHighLow’ strategy, I noticed that only EUR_AUD works in this strategy. Hence only trading that for this strategy now. I’m enjoying analyzing my trades :slight_smile:. I have noticed a few more items to improve on. :slight_smile:

2021 - Week#36

What a week! Loss, loss and more losses :). I have one open trade where I’m losing ~ 1%. If I lose this one it will bring my account in the range of 20% losses. Phew, still not broke.:slight_smile:

So the thing is, I know from my back test that my strategy(ies) can sometimes give me big losses. However, the back test also tells me that I can recover so I’m optimistic. To be honest, it hurts to see losing streaks in a live account :slight_smile:

2021 - Week#37

My journey is retesting my previous low. Will it bounce back? Time will tell :slight_smile:

Last week’s open trade closed in a loss and it brought my account to 20% loss range. However, I have recovered some of my last week’s losses. My losses are in the 18% range now.

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2021 - Week#38

Little better than the previous week.

2021 - Week#39

I can’t believe what I’m seeing! 3 weeks earlier my losses were 20% and now they are in the 14% range. 6% recovery in 3 weeks, wow!

This is boosting my confidence in my strategies. I need to trust my back tests results, I need to trust myself. :slight_smile:

We will see if this recovery will continue or I’ll again end up in the 20% loss range :slight_smile: Well time will tell :slight_smile:

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Huge Gratz! :partying_face:

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2021 - Week#40

Winning streak continues!

Though I had a winning week, I realised that there was an issue in the Algo. I let my profits run by putting a trailing stop. Algo took a new trade and it opened up with a trailing stop. Which should not happen as Algo is supposed to put a trailing stop only when my target hits. After debugging, I found that Algo was putting a trailing stop to any new trade if an existing open trade has it. Finally, I fixed it.

All good! Let it roll :smile:

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