Algo trading Fx

2021 - Week#52

Happy new year!!! May 2022 brings success in your Fx trading :slight_smile:

Well this week ended in losses. So at the end of the year I’m at 19% loss. Will see what 2022 will bring for us :slight_smile:

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2022 - Week#1

What a start of the year! Losses and losses :slight_smile:

Had a few big losses and here I’m in the range of 20% loss. What will this year bring? Time will tell :slight_smile:

Great, I am waiting for your updates how you strtegy and system work?

2022 - Week#2

So, in the second week of the year I have replenished my account. Round it back to $1000. Now Algo is only going to trade my star performer GBP_CAD. Sometimes there may be no trade in a week and sometimes 4-6 trades. This is based on the back test and its performance since June of last year. There will be a streak of winning trades and suddenly a break with big loss/es but manageable as I’m not risking too much. Will see how my emotions play out once “manageable” loss happen :smile: Time will tell :slightly_smiling_face:.

So, this week there was no trade.

2022 - Week#3

Two trades this week and they both resulted in green!

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2022 - Week#4

No trade this week. I guess I’m so used to seeing around 15-20 trades a week that it feels hollow without any trade. Will see how long I can control my emotions :slight_smile:

2022 - Week#5

4 trades this week. 2 wins and 2 losses. Losses were way more than wins as I expected. However, I’m positive that I’ll recover.

I’m taking off. My Algos will still run but won’t update here for a few weeks.

Happy trading you all!!!

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2022 - Week#11
Back after a good vacation! I’m in a big loss, couple of trades just turned my account in a deep hole. :slight_smile: I’m at 30% loss range. Will start posting from next week.

2022 - Week#12

2 winners this week which brought my losses in the range of 28%. This seems to be a long journey :slight_smile:

Maybe time to stop? Your system is clearly on the wrong side of the market too much you definitely have to spend more time on research.

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hello my name is peter nice to meet u.

You may be right. But with the strategy that I had started in January; I only have 16 trades. And over all loss with this strategy is 10%. So, I want to give it some more time. Time will tell if this is right decision or wrong :slight_smile:
I’m also testing a new strategy in demo. If that works out, I may start live trading on that soon.

Hello Peter,
Nice to meet you too!

2022 - Week#13

Two trades this week. One winner and one loser.

2022 - Week#14
Only one winning trade this week…

16 trades for 4 months? What is duration of the trades?


Is this still part of your strategy?

Hit take profit or trail after 24 hours. At present total trade is 19.

No, I stopped trading that strategy long ago. I think Feb. 2021.

2022 - Week#15
One winning trade this week.