Am I Lucky...Or What?

Just wanted to change the narrative a bit and get it back to trading stuff. And of course in the meantime I want to give my new and interested traders a bit of motivation as to what is possible with this business of forex trading. I had taken a break from trading to sort out some stuff and have decided it is time to get back in the saddle. These are the results of two trading days in the month so far. This is pure luck wink-wink. As we all know my math is not so hot but if I decided not to make another trade for the rest of the year what would my rate of return be for 2024?


Just some more of the above.


And the last of the trades.
Enjoy and feel free to comment. I know the heavy hitters and top traders will be saying a lot of work for so little returns. Curiously enough they dont show what they can do.


Share the technique, I will be cleaning up with GOLD


This right here :point_up:

Nice job regardless of the return. Looks like you’re trading the appropriate lot size for this size account. I don’t know who would have an issue with with disciplined trading. Keep it up!

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Not using a stop loss is disciplined trading?
To me the author of this thread is 100% right with their choice of words saying luck.

I have to admit that I didn’t even look at the SL column.

That doesn’t mean that he isn’t using an EA that handles a ‘hidden’ stop loss that keeps it obscured from the broker or a mental stop loss. Just because a stop loss order isn’t placed with the broker doesn’t mean that measures are not being taken to mitigate risk.

Going to give the benefit of the doubt unless he says otherwise.

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:thinking:Mmm - I think it’s about time you applied for a job at Blackrock or Vanguard. :clap: :+1:

Nobody would hire him because he only closes winning trades and risk management is non existent. What is clear is that he does this regularly enough that I think he is overall profitable. However I’d bet any money that there are days with blown accounts that he doesn’t advertise. I’m fairly sure that’s why the account is always small. Otherwise you’d let it grow and compound returns.


hello my friend
there is an important fact here and it is about numbers
definitely win so many trades in a row is good game
but numbers will show what is the result
until the amount of win is not that great with all respect in my opinion it is not very great

Love to see all green! :blush: Haha. I hope to also start my 2024 trading like this but I’m sure it must have taken lots of experience to get this kind of record. :sweat_smile: Keep it up, Goate! :blush:

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Thank you Ria_Rose and all those who have kind words to say about my string of lucky trades. As a matter of fact thanks to everyone who took the time to look and comment. It means a lot to me. I appreciate it so much I decided to try my luck once more and see if there was any way I could possibly get two more winning trades, lol.
And yes I do understand that not being able to cook to save your life does not bar you from being able to criticize salty or undercooked food at a restaurant so I humbly accept all criticism without condition. Hopefully though some of my fellow traders out there will be able to get some value from these posts I make.
Having said all that though I must stress that trading without a stoploss while doable is not for everyone.


Why don’t you create an fxblue or myfxbook account to track your results and show us how it’s done. I mean you only need to come out up $1 by the end of the year and you’re doing better than most people. And I do think you are profitable overall. But I’m buying for one second that you never make a loss and get it right every day.

Nothing wrong with having bad days, but it’s much more creditable if you show those too.

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Please note my fellow traders that everything is not as it may seem at first blush. Take the above post for example. The poster first offers disparaging remarks further up and then in his follow up post is begging me to create an FXblue or myfxbook so he can see how I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing. I have no reason to prove anything to anyone least of all someone who approaches me like that. The next step is to disrespect me. He is not the first nor will he be the last but all sorts make up life.
There are people on here (You would be surprised at some of them) whose agenda is solely to get your workable strategy by any means, be it bullying, reverse psychology or whatever. He seems to be begging for me to show some bad trades but he cant seem to wrap his brilliant mind around the fact that there might not actually be any losing trades for me to display at all. I suspect that the screenshot below is the final one I will be showing as these results seem to be rubbing people the wrong way and bringing out the worst in people. I did not come here boasting that I can make 10 or 20 straight winning trades…I did one better. I showed proof. Envy is a helluva thing, lol. There are some trades above this page but I cant be bothered to post those. They include about 3 trades I think which went over from the day before and earned some interest or something.


Unfortunately I have been unable to find that elusive losing trade (or trades) to satisfy some of my fellow “well-thinking” traders but dont worry I am working on it. One of these guys mentioned a lack of discipline because of my non-use of stop losses. It would be interesting to see his definition of discipline. In tribute to his watchword however I will endeavor to take no more than roughly10 trades daily going forward. And to those who are looking on with an open mind and a view to having better trading outcomes I suggest going back and reading my previous posts. Sometimes you dont get it on the first or even the second read.


What program is this?

Sesame Street.

Alas! Woe is Me!
Unfortunately I have some bad news to report. It seems my undisciplined trading has gotten worse and not only have I gone over the 10 trades per day as I said I would not do I have still not lost any trades. Please forgive me. I will see if I can lose a few tomorrow to please my “well thinking” and “supportive” fellow traders.
In the meantime work out how much percentage increase is involved there, analyze the screenshot to shreds, and enjoy the rest of your day.


I told you, Gold is where the money is at.



very good consistancy is more important.