Am I Lucky...Or What?

Ok folks, we’ve heard the all comments that could be called half-witted from certain quarters where the green-eyed monster is known to hang out, hiding and watching. They dont ignore the silly thread from the apprentice wanna-be- trader. No, instead they lurk, hoping to find a reason (no matter how foolish or petty it may seem to rational people) to discredit. Dont take my word for it though, if you read up above before they edit their posts you will see one has said my broker is unregulated, this despite him not knowing who the broker is, one has said I was using leverage of 1:30, lol, but the best one so far was hombre stating authoritatively that I was a pip from a margin call. Why use 1:30 when I can just as easily use 1:200 and make over six times as much for doing the exact same thing though? And for the lady who mentioned the margin call there is a reason my strategy employs 0.04 lot sizes at certain stages and not 0.4 or 4. Incidentally I slipped up a little. I should have started using 0.06 lot sizes since the balance is now over $450. Like I said you cant make this stuff up. Some will stop at nothing to appear relevant.
Anyway…as I said earlier I will be withdrawing the funds from the account(Monday) to sort out a motor vehicle. These funds are the most liquid I have and is one of the reason I do this in the first place. When people say the account has been blown you know what the real story is. I wont be trading for a bit as I will have to be on the road for a bit in the upcoming weeks and the hours wont permit trading. I will be posting 2 screenshots.
And by the way I sincerely apologize to my beloved detractors for not having any losing trades since that initial $100 deposit on January 5th I think it was. For those interested the number of trades for the period is 343. For those of you who showed some support it is greatly appreciated. I still cant believe the thread has nearly 9k views in roughly 3 weeks, thanks again.

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Do have yourselves a great day!! Sockpuppets included.

This is a great thread, I hope to see updates!

Is this thread still going? Man, the OP must be happier than a pig in s**t because this is what he strives for. Attention.

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I think @THE_GOATE gets a little to much hate here. He actually shared quite a lot with us, yes not everything in one convenient post, but quite a lot nonetheless. And he never made a secret, that for him trading is gambling (he had a topic on this matter), that he trades without a stop loss and that one shouldn’t trade like him.

And I can remember that in past screenshots in 2023 there were a few losses here and there between profits, that were quite significant in comparison to his average wins, and still he made money in this screenshots.

And do people in Jamaica even get accepted by proper regulated brokers? I don’t know. Our fellow traders from africa have a lot of problems in that regard, too.

But I can understand if he annoys you with his provoking, confrontational style of writing. Unfortunately you have to endure that.

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Worker_Bee, let me tell you a story.
Way way back when I was in prep school my siblings and I used to walk to school. We werent well off and motor vehicles were nowhere as prevalent on the roads as they are today so it was no big deal. We went to a Catholic school and there was another school about 400 meters down the road from ours. Out here most schools are connected to churches so our school was connected to the Catholic church on the compound and the school down the road connected to the Anglican church on their compound. A few lanes up the road from where we lived was this tall skinny girl who went to the other school. Almost every time this girl saw me she tried to initiate a confrontation with me. They had this thing that our school was for rich kids and too show off and we were as well. This was a girl who used to beat the $h!t out of boys at her school regularly and her brothers were guys you didnt ever want to tangle with, not even today. Somehow I managed to avoid anything physical and when I passed my exams for a high school far away the chances of that lessened considerably. A few years ago we ended up at a spot and got to talking. Imagine my surprise when the lady confessed that she had always had a thing for me but because I didnt pay her any mind she was terribly upset. All this time she was actually trying to get me to notice her. Just last year I was in a bar having a drink with a few friends when she announced to the gathering of about 12 people that her eggs were drying up so if I wanted a baby with her I didnt have much time left.
I have said all that to show you that it is not all the time that people who seem against you actually have ill intent so dont be too hard on them.

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Great story!

How was Feb for you? :slight_smile:

Sadly, it isn’t ongoing anymore. :frowning:

Remember back in the day… I developed a grid trading system that reminds me of your trading style @THE_GOATE

The system was always taking small profits and holding loosers until they turn around. So most of the time the system was winning, specially on sideways markets it was a money printing machine.

The thing is that I backtested the system, and it could run for years being a profitable system, as all the small wins will be covering the drawdown for the loosers most of the time …


In the end, the system crashed. Forex markets historically have always had shock moments, where price movement is violently impulsive, and has long runs in a single direction with very little correction. You just need one of this moments to make the system crash and blow up years of profits.

Doesn’t happen often… but happens… so use with caution.

You want to see reality? I can only advice you to get into a trading simulator and trade like this for example in 2008, 2014 or 2022…

You may think your system is different… but I can tell you … the math IS the same.

Winter IS coming my friend. Good luck.

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Please don’t insult OP. Surely he will update again. He has a wonderful system.

OP has already done this many times! It definitely works!

these are good results. I see the pips are so small it kind of resemble an EA. Is this manual trading?

Lol…Trading like your weather…Tsss…hot 31c :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately OP has stopped updating. Makes us wonder why. :frowning:

He’ll be back soon, with another $100 account, showing us his awesome trading powers where he never loses.

Of course this account wasn’t blown, he withdrew it all and invested in some lottery company in Jamaica. You’ll never see any proof, but you’re a liar and idiot for thinking a guy that holds losers until 1 pip from margin calls might possibly have blown the account.

Let’s all have a breather until we do it again next time.

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I knew this was the same clown that got banned twice from day one. Surely someone cant be this stupid? Hopefully the mods know what to do.


After being called names like scammer and con artist for a while, despite no proof being provided of this, it does begin to take its toll on a person. It has become obvious that my presence here is not really welcome and I believe I can take a hint. I have decided to call it quits.
Thank you to the people behind this website, it played a huge role in where I am in my trading today and I hope you are around to positively impact many more would be traders for years to come. I just want to close by saying I hope that even one of the readers got some value from what I have been trying to impart all this time.
Good luck all with your trading.


You too. Genuinely sorry to see you go, but completely unsurprised: anyone who doesn’t conform to the (generally ill-informed and misguided) consensus of opinions here is attacked, and who’s going to tolerate that for ever?

It certainly does.

I was in a similar position, getting insults, name-calling and in my case also false accusations of being three, maybe four, other people, at least two of whom had already left and said exactly why. These things may superficially vary but they all really boil down to the same single problem: the forum is hardly moderated at all, and that just doesn’t work.

They know, partly because I keep asking them to do it, but they do nothing apart from sending automated replies saying “we’re looking into it”. We can see how effectively.

The overwhelming majority here are spammers and bots. There aren’t very many real members like you and me left. Maybe 30? And now some of those are malicious trolls the mods just won’t remove.

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