Amazing strategy regarding Lon&NY open need help testing

Hi guys.

I believe I have found an extremely good strategy, that’s simple and easy but has brought me some crazy success so far in testing! I’m talking big profits quickly. It’s regarding entries around the London open and ny open.

It’s quick and easy, but need help with the testing just to see if it is actually as good as what I think, this is genuine …

If ppl are interested please msg me here, once I’ve ironed it out I will then post it all here genuinely.

Would appreciate lots of help and feedback.



I made 30/1 r/r on one trade with this last week

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All trades are from this strategy

There’s no one interested in helping with this??

I’ve done a lot of work on a London opening range break-out strategy using the GBP/USD. The conclusions I came to were that price direction through the day is random and likely to reverse repeatedly but the profit potential is good if you can let winning trades run.

How are you looking to develop your own approach?

Amazing ok well it’s a random one, can you message me and I can send you the rules, it’s so simple but seems to of got great rewards last week testing 3 pairs.

Thanks, but right now I’ve given up on intra-day strategies, they don’t go well for me.

Very impressive!

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It’s really simple, want me to msg you so you can check it over? As the results are inside but I need new eyes over it.

Have tested 5 pairs now from last week and all would be in profit with lowest making 8% highest 30%

EU trade yesterday would of been a good one, a loss this morning.

Hi, really interested in your strategy! Have you got more info? I’m currently practising on MT4 for a uni assessment for my trading module.


i am interested in testing the stratergy out

Ok great will message you the rules.

Have sent you the rules

messaged you

nice one sorry it must not of sent have sent now.