Another 4hr method

My disclainer: there is always losses with trading!

Here we go.

Recommeded pairs:
gbp/usd, gbp/jpy, eur/jpy, usd/jpy, gbp/chf
4hr can be used on 1hr chart with care.
FXsmippersma ------ Settings — 2, 72, 0, 1
bollinger Squeeze ----- Use default settings
Heiken Ashi Smoothed ----- Settings ---- 0, 20, 3, 12
72 EMA apply to close, color goldenrod
24 EMA apply to close, color cornflowerblue
13 EMA apply to close. color red
72 smoothedMA apply to Open with median lines
SMA color none so it will be hid below the FXsnipperMA
Median lines are the levels on the indicator
settings and should be set to
150, -150, 250, -250, 300, -300
Or for gbp/jpy set to
300, -300, 600, -600, 800, -800

Basic entry rule for the system
When Price closes above the FXsnipperMA that is the signal bar
Entry at open of next bar There is a alternate entry Ill post next, it is a little safer.
SL is a close below the FXsnippersMA or low of the candle that triggered the entry.
Or 100pips remember that isnt a lot of room on gbp/jpy.

When Price closes below the FXsnipperMA that is the signal bar
Enter on open of next bar. There is a alternate entry Ill post next, it is a little safer.

SL is a close above the FXsnippersMA or high of the candle that triggered the entry.
Or 100pips remember that isnt a lot of room on gbp/jpy.

Primary target is+100 pips exit half and let the rest run.
Move stop +50 pips every +100 in price move.
A second option on this is to move stop to breakeven after +100 pips and let it all run.
You might get stoped out on a couple of these but the ones that do run will make up for all those.

For GBP/JPY & EUR/JPY Primary target is the 1st median line exit half and let the rest run. GBP/JPY is the best for these trades IMHO.
Move stop +100pips every +200 in price move.
A second option on this is to move stop to breakeven after +100 pips and let it all run.
You might get stoped out on a couple of these but the ones that do run will make up for all those.


FX Sniper’s (6.42 KB)

Instead of taking the open on the next bar after the break of the FXsnipperMA.
Wait until you have the close that breaks the FXsnipperMA then
wait for price to break the high or low of the bar that closed below the FXsnipperMA.
In this case there is a close below the FXsnipperMA so you
would wait for price to break below the low of that bar.

Note the small red line in the trade area.
Enter on that break with the same stops and targets as before.
This is a little safer method and will not get you whipped back over the
FXsnipperMA as often.
With GBP/JPY be ready because it can head right on down or snap back
Also remember each bar itakes 4 hours to form
You are often waiting a day or so for a set up
and you are often in a trade for longer then a day.
Once yu have a bar that closes below just set a entry for a few pips below that bar.
Set your stops and take profits and walk away and let it work

Yet another trade from this template.

I call this one the “HASbeen” trade.
It is another 4hr trade, using the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator.
It is a trade off of the color change of the Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator.
Once a bar has closed and the Heiken Ashi Smoothed changed color on that bar,
You make the entry in the direction of the move.
If say the Heiken Ashi Smoothed changes from red to blue, you would enter long on the next bar.
If say the Heiken Ashi Smoothed changes from blue to red you would enter short on the next bar.
Set your stop outside the opposite end of the signal bar.
Notice the target marked by the Green line on the chart. That is the 72 EMA.
The stop is marked by a red lineThat is the low of the signal bar.
Entry is marked with the price tag.
The tartgett can be any of the MAs, the FXsnipperMA, the 72 EMA, or the 24 EMA. Just pick which one you wish to target.

Here is some charts showing some additional trades that can be taken from this template.

the first one is the FXsipperMA rejecting price.
second is the 24 ema rejecting price
the third is just a ma cross the 13/24 crossing

note again these are 4hr candles and will normally take time to entry or exit.

Here is a trade I really like using the mysqueeze indicator.

when the boli indicator histogram crosses and forms a bar on the opposite side of the zero line. when that bar closes you wait for the high or low of that bar to be broken and take the trade. A little more risky is to just take the trade as soon as the signal bar closes
the stop is set below the signal bar.

This trade works well on 1h chart also.

The ZigZag connect trade.
This is also a higher risk trade because it goes against the trend, but sometimes can be very rewarding if the trend is changing.

When the dot appears and the bar closes wait for the high or low of that bar to be broken and take the trade in that directions. Once again you can take the trade at the close of the bar but it is more risky.

thks for those signals in one template and one chart
but i have some questions and clarification pls

-the first 3 methods(4 H one) cant be used for one hour chart?
-the zigzag corection signal, what does a green one mean and the red one mean, and some they come the red inside the green?

  • do u use this strategy already in ur live trades, or still running under demo mode, to make sure about it?
  • and if you count your pips made from every different strategy here, which one is the most reliable one to make more pips
  • which one is the safer one?
    -what is the MEDIAN levels is it kind of indicator as i couldnt find it here
    -at the end can i load your pre set template the one for the GBP$ on the gbp/yen chart, or u can attach me pls one template especially for the gbp.yen
    thks for your cooperation

No problem edy

BTW one of the two templates should work on most of the pairs.
Try them out to see how the median lines fit.

there is no hard rules on the median lines they are there primarily for targets.

The HASbeen trade is probalby as safe as the basic trade.

I trade under the idea that all trades with a stoploss set are safe.

And so what is the results like ??:confused:

thks a lot buddy, for ur help
just tell me in the template of the GBP/yen, the red fx sniper is to sell, as in gbp$ above the red is for buying, right?

FXsnipper should be the same on both Ill change it on the GJ.

Should be blue when price is above and red when price is below.

by the way what does the color bar of thebollinger bands means, it moves from red, green, blue, i thought first it depends if below zero or above zero, but the red is always below zero and green above zero, but the blue sometime it is a negative bar sometime positive,
if i want to use the strategy that says, wait for the first bar changing before u buy, in that case i should wait the first green bar to close above zero or i can consider the blue bar above zero is the first closing bar?

This is a squeeze indicator meaning it indicates how far apart the bands are.
so the blue bands mean the bollinger bands are getting tight or closer together. Once the bars change to Red or Green it means the squeeze is opening up and price is moving out.

The first bar regardless if it is Blue. this is a trade that works best on 1hr. It will whip you out more often on a 4hr.

I did not trade at all on Monday and looks like I should have been paying attention to the charts at least.

there was a double top on the boli squeeze indicator. check ou the lines I have drawn in the boxes on this chart. these formation work out great on 4hr charts.

The trade would have been to take the break of the low of the price bar that made the highest peak on the histogram. Price has been falling very steady but slow at first.

Here is a trade set up on GBP/USD now. Price is breaking below the bar that broke below the FXsnipperMA. Im in at 2.0053 see the chart. Stop 2.0103 target 1.9953. I also set a 55 pip trailing stop on this one.

Another trade missed by taking yesterday off. GBP/JPY
The notice the bar in the histo closed across zero line and the next price bar made a lower low. Looks like it woulld have taken several hours before it made the full move but there is a couple hundred pips there. errrr

GBP/USD update

If this hour candle closes as a doji or a hammer My trade could be in trouble.
This would be a case of conflicting signals on 1h and 4h charts. Which one wins out short term or long term?

Stop loss hit - 50 pips:(

well let us work together in this thread page, to improove that signal, as i really believe in it,i found some entries that can avoid a reverse or a rebounce.
first try to set some resistance and support in this chart, as sometime you trigger a trade before a couple of pips in front of the R or S
today i made 110 pips from the GY SHORT
as you said and i noticed, the BB squeeze works better with one hour chart, not 4 H,
my strategy entry today, was the fx sniper line, i waited for the first bar to close below that line, the color also changed, then i waited and placed an order 5 pips lower than the previous bar low, and below that in 5 pips there was a support, so i shifted the order 15 pips lower, and really it did bounce for 40 pips, before it went down.
one more thing sometime u have 3 or 4 bars moving up and down on the fx sniper line, so i place 2 orders, to go long and to go short.
in order for this strategy to be efficient ,i found out you should match 2 different strategies, mine was the closing below fx sniper and one negatif bar in the bollinger squeeze.

best regards, and stay in touch, if u want we can try a live trade together on yahoo messenger, were we can enter in the same signal.