Anton Kriel excel spreadsheets for forex

Anton Kriel excel spreadsheets for fourex…anyone got em, i have the vids need the sheets

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…what? Could you clarify?

What he’s referring to is…
in the video series
Anton kriel says to the Uni Students, “I’ve sent you all a spreadsheet and you can play around with the figures and it includes a tax, but if you don’t pay tax, you can set that field to 0… it wont change it much either way”

I’m pretty sure that’s what he means
there were 2 points that i could remember in the series where Anton Mentioned Referring to Spreadsheets

1 time was when anton was discussing Working in an Investment bank and HAVING TO LIVE IN CENTRAL LONDON in order to maintain the career
and anton offered a spreadsheet to calculate one’s earnings (i think, over 5 - 10 years)

  1. I think another time was when he was talking about something like how Market Makers and order clerks work and something to that effect
    i think there was a spreadsheet there as well

but i think he’s referring to point 1

Mate, with the video series on you tube i’m pretty sure the only ones that were given the spreadsheet were the students that paid for the course and supplied their email address before attending Anton’s seminar

it’s not available on you tube with this video series

Perhaps you could try to find one of the students
or, Perhaps you could shoot an email to anton’s institute ASKING FOR IT
i don’t see why he wouldn’t provide it

After all, it’s just a bloody spreadsheet that shows you how much crap you will be in in 5 - 10 years

but do we have it… NO
it was not readily posted

post deleted by me - just talk amongst yourselves :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replys

Hi Guys!
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hei help me with anton spread sheets