I've made all G10 forex spreadsheets using Anton Kreil's PFTM Method

Hi guys!

i’ve made all by myself after 7 months of hard work all the G10 currencies Endos,Exos and Cot reports analysis on excel using the “Global Macro” strategy of Anton Kreil’s course (PFTM) of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM)

This is my Drive Folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B17bcp1S4Q22bf7ldP_GURml4R7W9uvJ
I hope you can appreciate my hard work :raised_hands:

  • If you are able to do the analyzes and update them, contact me that we collaborate to keep them updated
  • if anyone knows how to make excel macros, it would be of great help to simplify the update procedure, let me know if you want to help.

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I am looking at Kreils course online but its a bit expensive and also I am not completly sure if it is as helpful as they claim, I have read a lot of mixed comments on it especially the PFTM.
My main question is if the analyses work, and if the did, do they still work now?in the special time of global pandemic? If this proves helpful, I am interested in updating them.

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Hi Martin!
happy to hear you again, :hugs:
The strategy is fueled by volatility.
no volatility, no opportunity.
And in this period, more than in others, the central authorities are reacting to the strong and extremely negative stimuli with immediate reactions through short and long-term interest rates e money supply;
precisely our analyzes recognize whether the currency is currently inflationary or deflationary, as in this case from my AUD / CHF analysis is the best opportunity(as you can see from the spreasheet “New Total Result” that i shared with you too), where AUD is extremely inflationary pumped also From a rapidly growing oil after the collapse, good exports and prices of Iron Ore and Coal, and an ever increasing price of gold, seen as an excellent target right now where banks and funds has shifted due to the low yields of the dividends of the 10y bonds and the CHF is the only and most deflationary G10 with oddly negative data for money supply compared to the current injecting regime of other currencies, and data very deflated also on CPI, CPI and PPI cores.
And as you can see from the graph it is in fact extremely bullish, but we betray the reaction of the central authorities therefore, when a new data will reverse the exchange rate then we will enter short for the duration of the trend (which in my opinion will last no less than two months ), and we will double our position as our bias is confirmed by the data and the trend, truly accumulating a final profit position with unmatched ROI :chart_with_upwards_trend: :white_check_mark:

Hi Bear.J

Since you saw the video from Anton Kreil for PFTM, I wanted to ask you if you can clarify one thing about the overall scorecard when e adds up scores from exo and endo analysis (video 21).
It seems that for Endo, inflation has a short bias and viceversa, but in exo this changes and inflation has a long bias, did you understand how he adds up for AUDUSD and has the final decision to go short? Many thanks

yo i bought these spreadsheets off Bear. J and its the most legit thing ive ever seen. COT reports get updated automatically plus the calculations for standard deviation probability distributions for each economic indicators get update automatically when you input the data. you dont really even have to enter the data manually, the seller share you his work on google drive so when he updates his stuff you get it automatically. he has a spread sheet that kind of acts as a motherboard for all the fx pair and puts the scores on one page, you can literally just look at that from time to time to get trade ideas. all honesty you get more than what you pay for. highly recommend this guy!


I purchased these and he was excellent, sent me everything discribed and even helped me figure the whole thing out a long the way. Having fantastic results early on. Thanks Russell, Andy :+1:


I bought the spreadsheet sand can confirm everything said above, i cant express how happy i am with purchasing them, you can tell he put a lot time love and attention in making the spreadsheets, cant imagine the headache of having to have made this all myself, extremely grateful , cheers Rus :smiley:

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Hey I’ve just finished up, Anton kriels course and are using these sheets to formulate trading ideas. I don’t know many people that are using this strategy so be great to be able to form some sort of community where we can bounce ideas off each other? I can look to create a WhatsApp or something?


Yeah william!
I’ll Make a Discord Group very soon !

Cheers :hugs:


hello , please i need the video 18 of PFTM series and exogenous excel , because i dont have them , ill be so happy if you provide for me

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Do you know where i can get the excel spreadsheets for pftm? i got the courses from a friend but dont have the excel sheets :frowning: @Bear.J

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Super liked. Your posts always help me in my analysis. Look forward to seeing more of your posts :slight_smile:

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I also badly need the Excel Resources of PFTM course. Can U help me.
And I lost the number 15 video of PTM course. And could not get it since then elsewhere.

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Yes! this is a good question Martin!
Video 21 is very tricky ,and in fact to avoid misunderstanding ,i only trade doubly verified biases,
Example EUR/ JPY
Endo : -21 & 16
Exo : 11
Instead of adding up the scores i isolate them ,(the final bias is same Anton)
Endo: IF EUR endo > JPY endo ,then SHORT,if not LONG(inflationary numbers so positive are short,and deflationary are long)
Exo:IF Exo >0 ,then Long ,if not SHORT,(infationary number here are long,deflationary are short)
So we have LONG endo and LONG exo,so my final bias is LONG
If exo was SHORT,i would not trade it ,
Using this way i only trade pairs that i am 100% sure about their bias,and are confirmed by both analysis !

@Ledgerla I am always very happy to help! :blush:

Hi Bear.J

I read your post and I am interested in collaborating or buying your spreadsheets. I too have done a lot of work on endo and exo sheets. I have spent months creating them, sourcing the data tweaking this sheet and that and builiding new scorecards for different indicators of different countries. Anything to speed up the process of updating them really interests me as you can always be more effecient. look forward to hearing from you.


Hi martin

I too have found the endo/exo score card conclusion…confusing. See the attached pic of my endo/exo scorecard I updated recently regarding NZD/USD and let me know what you think…

Hi Pete !
Yeah sure ! i’ve answered you by mail regarding my actual projects and your issues with the strategy :slight_smile:

First of all I want to say ‘Thank you so much Bear.J’ the hours of work you must have put in to creating the documents blows my mind. The depth of analysis and yet ease of use is incredible! Plus with regular updates from you I don’t have to comb the earth for any macro economic changes or worry about where im going to find the data. Honestly guys I don’t know the guy from Adam but I took a punt on his work after spending 7 days trying to gather up all of the macro data for the USD. My time in this instance is better suited to actually trading than searching the world for Switzerlands real GDP from 1996!

Again thank you so much bro I cant tell you how many man hours you have saved me with the paperwork side of trading.

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Thanks again a lot for your incredible work Bear.J

I purchased the sheets from him several months ago and not only is it legit, but he is keeping them updated weekly and saving me tons of hours of work so I can focus on generating trade ideas without scrolling the Internet and updating all these massive sheets manually with some hard-to-find data.

Thanks a lot again mate, cheers !

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