Any help!

About a year ago there was a guy that had topic open and he was discussing the different waves within the lager TF waves using his own ZigZag indi.

Anyone have a idea who or what Im referring to ???



Was a waste of time the indi was repainting constantly.


Try it through babypips search.

Yeah!!! I have a great one for that: FORGET IT, invent your own, avoid recipes and trade your own ideas.

I think you are looking for Relativity’s thread, 301 Moved Permanently.

The wave patterns within larger waves was past the halfway point of the thread, I think.

Exactly what I was looking for.THANKS VERY MUCH.

Thanks for the amazing insight!

WOW! and you are a Honorary member here at BP.

Why dont you enlighten me about your original F!cken ideas.You must have created the FX market

It was meant to repaint constantly so to upkeep what is really happening to price, not to predict where bottoms are.

And I am now successfully trading full time…

Actually I would agree with Mr Gone; a key point of my thread is to encourage personal ideas to come forth. I had stressed this in the thread over and over again. I could only show examples of how it could be done. But unfortunately of coz there are going to be peeps who are lazy… but those who are hardworking enough to work on their personal ideas, they WILL get somewhere.

Thank you…