Any one here buy Nial Fuller trading course?

I like to know if anyone here purchased Nial Fuller forex trading course and was it worth it? I mean for $337 is it worth to buy? I am very new to forex. And I want to learn as much as I can before trading with real $$$. Thank you.

Where’s clint to chew out these self promoter’s when you need him

I did the Nial fuller trading course myself. Personally I don’t use a single thing from there in my trading system now at all. IMHO it wasn’t worth it. If you want the basics they are out there for free. If you are a complete noob you could do worse. It does teach you pure PA based trading which i really like and think its definitely a good start for beginners. His system does provide an edge over the market for beginners which is important but it wasn’t really what i was looking for my needs. There are a lot of other resources out there for free that can teach you a lot, including some prominent threads here on baby pips. I would suggest checking those out first here is a short list: alternative techinical templates (all of them), ICTs thread ‘what all aspiring traders want to know’, eremarket’s thread ‘mentorship in the babypips chat room’.

Bottom line: don’t waste your money on the paid course, just use the free resources.


Agreed. Niall is also religious on being anti EA/system. He would position this as being ‘discretionary’ but that ignores the fact that his methods just trade historical data (by definition) and hence could be coded. Anyway, nial’s website is terrific and the content well worth studying.

I just had free video course of Nial Fuller . It was good . But there are many resources available of internet to learn forex .
I never paid that much money to learn . Better i start trading with those & double it.

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I personally have taken Nial’s course and am a member of his trading community. For me, the course was just what I was looking for; it provided me with a set of trading strategies and ideas that was not messy or complicated. I have friends who paid $5000 for fancy courses, and I have sent them to Nial’s site as he only charges around $300 or something. I think that is what most people like about him, he charges a small fee and you get a ton of information and ongoing services. I really was only looking for a good price action course and mentor when I signed up but I found a lot more than that after joining.

Especially of value to somebody like me is the members’ daily chart commentary, it’s basically a daily guide to the major Forex pairs that includes Nial’s views on the price action and levels of the markets and how to trade any quality PA setups that may have occurred that day. This feature allows you to apply and learn the course theory in real-time market conditions. I believe this section of his members area is priceless, it honestly has helped me a great deal. He is not just selling a course , he has many services all rolled into one in his members area including a contact page where you can talk with him and ask him for help, and to me this is all good value. I contact him every few weeks for some help and he always emails me back quickly.

I disagree with the above poster who said that “his methods just trade historical data…”, anyone who has been around Nial’s site for a while knows he is not a supporter of back-testing and actually believes only in forward-testing, he also calls trade setups from time to time in the members’ area and even on the free side, just this past week he posted a video of a AUDUSD trade that he was in BEFORE it played out, so I don’t see how that can be taken as “trading historical data”? Here’s the link to the video if anybody is interested:
Pin Bar Trading Strategy – AUDUSD Signal Daily Chart | Forex Trading

Truthfully I got lost in all the amounts of information all over the internet about price action, I needed a central place to find structured training and other dedicated traders following the same trading ideas. I know there are other courses and websites, but I picked Nial’s site because I felt he does things differently and I really enjoyed his videos and lessons. And lets face it, for a person who wants to join a course or training, $300 is a walk in the park. Sadly, I know some people don’t have $300 some odd dollars to spend, but they could still learn something from Nial’s lessons and materials he has on his blog. Anyway, I just wanted to share the view here as he has helped me in my own trading so I feel it’s my duty to support him when appropriate. I think that Nial has been the victim of quite a lot of half truths about who he is and what he teaches, it’s a shame. As I said in the start of my post, before I joined his site I was lost, and since being a member and studying his methods and ideas I am on the right track and have learned a tonne about trading any myself. I appreciate all his efforts and I’m sure many others do too.

Alternative technical templates will teach you about the importance of levels and share some triggers with you. There are other threads such as the 3 Ducks which will help to wrap a strategy together using price action. These free resources though can be a bit intimidating. The benefit of a course such as Nialls is the summary of a large amount of material related to FX, reinforcement of the importance of levels and the use of particular triggers such as inside bars and pins. As mentioned in the previous post the ongoing support and mentoring is helpful. As you are relatively new to this business then I consider it money well spent as it will save you time in piecing your own first strategy together and give you a group doing the same thing so you can check you are not going astray

I haven’t bought his course but have watched many videos of his. I am no expert by far but his stop losses are set too far away for me.

How far away your stop loss is doesn’t matter in the least as long as you are trading low enough lots so as not to blow your account after a few losses and your projected R:R ratio is 1:1 or greater. I’ve watched a few of his videos and he definitely advocates this throughout each one.

Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention that I am no expert by far neither and what works for some won’t for others.

I’ve done a lot of courses already and got some benefit from most all of them. I did Peter Bain’s Forexmentor for 9 months, Market Traders Institute, Forex made easy, several trading programs on trading futures and commodities, Scientific Forex, Elliott Wave International and Nial Fuller price action course.

The one that finally actually enabled me to increase my account is the Yin Yang Forex Course and Platinum Trading Group.

I nearly bought his course, but didn’t because of his position on not trading lower time frames. His free article on his site about Risk/Reward is absolute gold if you apply it. He also fixed my thinking about stop losses. You don’t adjust your stop loss to fit the amount of dollars you want to risk, but instead adjust the lost size so that the amount you want to risk fits into the stop loss.

This creates a dilema. If you have a $1,000 trading account and are willing to risk 5% on a trade, then you’re risking $50. Now let’s say that you follow the concepts laid out by Nial, specifically, that you target a 1:2 risk reward ratio or better and fit the risk to the stop size.

So you pull the trigger on a daily chart pinbar signal and stretch out your $50 to fit into a 30 pip stop loss on a daily chart targeting a 60 pip take profit. Let’s say that you let the trade run for 3 days and your T/P is hit. That’s all fine and dandy…but it took you 3 days to do it!

See the dilema? If you’re risking a flat dollar amount of your account and only using daily charts, how will you find enough signals to grow your account? Doesn’t it make more sense, if you know that you only have to win 40% of your trades to make money at a 1:2 ratio to find a system that works on the M1, M5, or M15 charts which gives you that 1:2 at least 40% of the time?

You’d want to find a machine that cranks as many times as possible in order to earn the greatest return over time. Isn’t that what a casino does? Nobody thinks that a casino is really gambling. Not on their side of things. Their edge guarantees that they’ll always win over time. No casino has gone out of business because it lost too many times at craps. In the same way, if you can find a system that wins 40% of the time at a 1:2 Risk-Reward ratio, then you can, in essence, take the position of a casino in the world of trading.

Anyway, I didn’t buy Nial’s course because of this. I don’t plan on trading on the daily charts, so I didn’t invest the money. But I almost pulled the trigger because the free info was presented so well.

Funny you should mention that. I had almost the same experience. Worked on trading for 2 years, blew a couple of accounts, took a dozen course, quit trading for 6 months because my wife was pressuring me, then started again slowly with the trading mastermind course and now am about 3 months away from quitting my job. Now I don’t listen to anyone on forums or other courses because its working and I can see whats going on in the market.

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What I have heard is his strategy works for long term. He insist traders to stick daily chart for getting what’s going on the market. Then you can trade from the 4 Hour chart and 1 hour chart if you want. He also suggest not go lower than 4 hour chart because of the market noise.

If a trader take many trades from the lower charts i.e 30 minute, 15 minutes, 5 minutes daily, I think they will lose more than what they get. Because of the market noise and lack of clear signal. So take high probability trades. If you have a day job then his system definitely suits you.

His system will generate a decent high probability / profitability trades. But patience is needful. I checked his free stuffs and did it well. He will post daily commentary everyday on his website and facebook pages. Everybody can check those articles and try to understand what his strategy.

But he has a trading community to discuss trading setups.

[B]Here is the great deal: If anybody want to trade like him, then I suggest you to check NikitaFX thread. Both trading from the pure plain vanilla chart without any indicator. Understand first what Nikita teaches and check his daily commentary from his blog. Find bias from daily chart and move lower time frame to trade.[/B]

Don’t do it… Yet. If you’re very new then don’t do it yet, it’s not worth it.

There are so many different ways to approach the market, I would make sure that you want him as your mentor before spending that much money on a course.

I think that most people, sooner or later, end up settling with someone they call their forex mentor, because his or her trading style fits their own.

I, for example, finally settled on Jason Stapleton as a mentor. Whenever he gives seminars, webinars, trading courses, I’m more likely to sign up because I identify with him as a trader.

If you’re 100% positive that you want to learn from this guys then i’d go for it, but if you’re not completely sure I would make sure I’ve considered all my options. What happens if you pick the wrong guy and you can’t follow his system because it goes against your personality? Then you’ve wasted $300, and psychologically you’ll start beating yourself up when in reality the only problem is that you chose the wrong system/mentor.

Look up Rick Galloway at pro trader network if you havn’t yet he’s got a lot of free webinars that are GREAT, designed to set n00bs on the right path from the start. watch them first and then consider this guy.

Also ICT seems to be pretty popular around here, he’s definitely another mentor to consider.
Read the market wizards books because Jack Schwager has interviewed many many different traders with different trading styles, so it gives you kind of an overview of the different styles.

Basically, don’t get married until after you’ve done some dating. :stuck_out_tongue:



I get E Mails all the time where Forex Brokers or teachers want to mentor me. Well, I am flattered. Thanks, but No Thanks! I do watch your free videos. Thanks for that to! But, if you think I am gonna pay 500 to 5000 dollars for one of your courses, “You can Forget it.” Ain’t gonna happen! I’d rather learn on my own. With 5000 bucks I could open me a nice account.

Look up Rick Galloway at pro trader network if you havn’t yet he’s got a lot of free webinars that are GREAT, designed to set n00bs on the right path from the start. watch them first and then consider this guy.

I did just that! And I like his site. But is he charging a price. I haven’t found out that yet. Trouble with all these courses, is there expensive, and how many courses are you gonna have to buy before you say, Hey enough is enough. 300 bucks isn’t bad. But some of these guys are charging thousands of dollars to take there courses. Makes me wonder if they ever made it as traders, there probably trying to make there loses back by selling courses so they don’t go bankrupt.

yea just use FX7Q, great free way to keep me discipline (ssshh, its a secret)

Actually I have tried that program. Great way to make money for people like me who have absolutely no investment knowledge. So far I have turned 5 bucks into 10 bucks. He! He!

I did the Nial Fuller course & it is very helpful for me, the course worth more than USD 500 in my view.

I know its an old post but i answer also for others having the same question.
i red all the stuff of Nials site even watched his clips of price action trading and receive his newsletter every week.
í can say that as for me it was very useful stuff cos i dont like a lot of indicators and all this stuff,I started to use higher timeframes and(1H,4H and 1D) was more successfull than before.then i took his advice to demotrade first for a few month before loosing money(i lost already some !).for now I traded demo a very simple candleformation about higher highs8and lower lows at the close) and price levels for 2month and was able to start with 5000 and have now 30K only looking max 60min all together at the charts.(EURUSD and EUR JPY).
the course i want to make ASAP.