Any student of the Course of Roy_nl_ from TheCoinFx

Hi i am looking for someone who takes this course and his opinion about it. Thanks.

I am also looking for any one taking the course.

Anyone? Would love to know too

Finally, ive decide to take the course. Is awesome highly recommended, ive never see something equal before. If you can afford it, do it.


Does it cost a lot?

Hi hello, would you be interested in selling the content?

can i ask what the course is based around? is it normal support and resistance or elliot wave or something new? thanks!

Dont cost a lot. The course cost his value even is cheap in comparation with the things you will learn in it

Obviously, not. Pay the course

The course has a lot of tools that you will never go to found in internet or books, things create by Roy. (Nothing about sup/res, etc.)

Hi Xinux,

  • Is the content focused on Swing trading?
  • What do you think about the course a year after taking it? Has it improved your trading? Do Roy’s strategies provide a good ROI?

Swing and intraday, but swing in his majory

Yes, yes and yes

So are you a consistent profitable full time trader Now?