Any student of the Course of Roy_nl_ from TheCoinFx

Hi i am looking for someone who takes this course and his opinion about it. Thanks.

I am also looking for any one taking the course.

Anyone? Would love to know too

Finally, ive decide to take the course. Is awesome highly recommended, ive never see something equal before. If you can afford it, do it.


Does it cost a lot?

Hi hello, would you be interested in selling the content?

can i ask what the course is based around? is it normal support and resistance or elliot wave or something new? thanks!

Dont cost a lot. The course cost his value even is cheap in comparation with the things you will learn in it

Obviously, not. Pay the course

The course has a lot of tools that you will never go to found in internet or books, things create by Roy. (Nothing about sup/res, etc.)

Hi Xinux,

  • Is the content focused on Swing trading?
  • What do you think about the course a year after taking it? Has it improved your trading? Do Roy’s strategies provide a good ROI?

Swing and intraday, but swing in his majory

Yes, yes and yes

So are you a consistent profitable full time trader Now?

Honest review from me who joined for 3 years now. It’s mind-blowing course but I wouldn’t recommend it for the price. I’m blinded with all the cool Number’s theory and recently updated way of identifying “key levels”. The course will teach you some cool tricks that he invented himself but will not make you consistent. Those cool tricks aren’t back-tested enough before he teaches it especially the 007 strategy, if you put in enough time to test it and record down in a trading journal, you’ll find it’s win ratio is less than 1:1 but it’s still a cool concept. He also refuse to teach the most important thing that most traders find it difficult to learn: Execution. You’ll find his course all about analyzing the market but not teaching enough in Execution of trades. He used to make skype calls actively and may give some analysis for the week, but never teaches how to Execute it, just simply sketching and predicting the market it both direction. Yes his instagram profile will post cool and sharp entries, but you’ll never learn it from the course, and he mentioned before group calls “it’s not important” when many students requested him to teach those sharp entry execution.

All summarized this course have some cool tricks, but the mentor is hiding a lot of things and don’t expect you’ll learn everything from a $999 course. The mentor has been silent for few months and not making much group calls now. If you have the money and it’s considered cheap to you, go ahead to get the course, those cool tricks may be incorporated in your existing strategy (but not guaranteed improvement).

I opened a different account for this review because those who know the mentor, he’s not open for suggestion/ criticism and most likely will block my access to the videos (which I paid for). His ego is also the reason why you can hardly find reviews for this course. It has more than 700 members at one time but you can hardly find reviews over the internet? That says it all. If you do find review, it’s all early stage review like I mentioned about the cool tricks.

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This review is spot on, same experience as me. No execution or live trading included in the course. I left the group a long time ago because it was pointless without knowing execution and post trade management skills. Really cool tips and tricks, but there is no mentoship for anything outside analyzing pairs in this course/group.

Not at all, It wasnt worth it.

If it wasn’t worth it, would you mind sending his course just to check it out? save some of us wasting money on him too, i understand you not doing in the beginning when everything was new etc, but surely you have no loyalties to him now? it would be massively appreciated brother. thank you