Anybody here from Exeter UK

Guys anybody on this forum from Exeter, Bristol , Devon UK please.

Thank you

Blimey! I’m in Exeter.

I’ve occasionally met up with other traders in the area. Always happy to meet and at least have a coffee and swap war stories.

I’m trading forex but also the Dow index value (long only). I used to trade shares in years gone by as well as FTSE100 swing trading (badly).

Let me know if you’d like us to arrange something.

Great , it would be nice to meet up someone like minded & that’s too in Exeter.

In fact if you know more people then we can arrange meeting.

Please email me so we can exchange contact details.

It’s doesn’t let me share my email id

I’ve sent you a private message - you may not be able to PM me but I put my email in the message so contact me on hotmail as and when you can.


Hi Both,
I’m also around Exeter and looking to meet other traders - are there any regular Exeter meetups?
Would love to connect!

Not yet but always happy to meet for a coffee or whatever. I’m still trying to break through with day-trading but mid-afternoon weekdays is good for me.

Hello Stuart & Tom
There is no regular meetup in Exeter but we can start one … Shall we organise one ourselves first. What times and dates are good for you both ?



Sorry, I totally missed this!
I’d love to catch up.
Please do message me, it would be great to meet up! Socially distancing of course :slight_smile:

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I can’t see how to PM anyone on here…

I think there are quite a few people from the UK here

Yes, I’d love to meet up with anyone in the South West (Exeter preferable for me but also Bristol).

That’s great Idea , let’s fix the date . I am up for Exeter


Great, I can’t see how to PM on here?!

Weather doesn’t look too bad next week so happy to meet somewhere outside somewhere we can sit?
This weekend, next Wed eve, Thurs and Fri daytime are good for me.

I am also in Exeter! Would love a meet up sometime!


Hello, you can’t PM on this but you can send emails, that way we all can get our contacts & move forward with meeting.

That’s great , please email me or someone so we can organise

Hi Guys,
I’m not giving up so easy :wink:
Anyone around during the week?

I am free next week if anyone is around for a meetup or Zoom?