Anyone currently using Dukascopy?

Does anyone currently use Dukascopy? How are they doing? I’m also confused with they commission schedule (based on the initial account and monthly trade?), can someone who is currently using them explain to me?

Thanks a lot!


Dukascopy is an extraordinary broker. Ridiculously low spreads. Incredible service. High performing managed accounts. They are one of the best in my opinion.

However, they only cater to big players. $50,000 USD minimum deposit. And it can get into the hundreds of thousands if you want a part of their managed accounts.

Thanks for your feedback. As my understanding, they have lower their minimum requirement to open an account to $10K.

Anyone who has experience trading with them? Thanks, Pipsnewbie

Hi Pipsnewbie,

I am an IA for Dukascopy and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.


They are ok. I am also using them for a while now, no complaints so far. The execution is fantastic (sometimes a little slippage on small orders though) but generally speaking it’s ok. By the way the min requirement information here is quite old… You should check the website, the min deposit has been reduced to 1 000 a long time ago. :slight_smile:

If you want all the benefits of dukascopy but with a low deposit, use FX Open.

AND they have MT4!

“Extraordinary” ? What’s so extraordinary for a 50000$ account ? Oanda offers same for 100$ account :slight_smile:

Do you currently use both? And how about their differences in spread?

Can you please explain about the commission you charge? And also about your spread.

no, i don’t use both, just fxopen.

Dukascopy is an ECN. This is an important difference :wink:

I found this line at
“FXOpen, which recently launched the MT4 ECN platform, has now structured a much more formidable strategic partnership with Dukascopy.”

they are partners? hehe

I have both live account with them ,and i am a highly frequency daytrader, here is my opinion,
gbp/usd spread:duka a little better then IB(especially asia session duka 0.5~1pips better then IB ,other time almost the same)
eur/usd spread:IB better then duka (asia session almost the same,other time IB 0.5pip better)
liquidity:IB better then duka(no need to worry if the size under 1 million unit)
execution:both the same ,IB hotkeys is great but its platform is too complicated for a beginner
commission:duka 15usd/m,IB 20usd/m(there is a way to reduce an half commission in duka,find an introduce broker and make a deal with him,it is great for highly frequency trader)
so,i recommend duka for gbp/usd,IB for eur/USD. If duka’s banking license is approved ,i highly recommend to give duka a try. I am pretty sure their spread are the best among the ecn platforms.

Yeah they are. Why is that funny.

FX Open is a great broker.

A new solution was released a month ago.
You trade with Fairtradingtech and have access to a bridge which shows you the trade all the way from MT4 to dukascopy. Transparency!

Minimum amount 10.000USD.

Check it out

If you use Fair Trading Technology you can trade at Dukascopy with MT4.
They have a bridge solution so you don’t have to use Dukascopys client.

Get your facts straight. Minimum deposit 1000.00

I use em and like just fine as a broker…and they are immune to the cftc nfa crap.

I guess that you wrote to me?
What i ment was that FAIR TRADINGTECH’s minimum deposit are 10.000 USD!

Anyone who is live with Dukascopy know what happens if your “use of leverage” goes over 100%? They talk about a margin call somewhere in their documentation but your positions stay open right up until you are nearly at 200%. I just wanted to know what “margin call” really means with them? I’m guessing you just can’t open any more new positions but your open positions are safe for awhile? Just a little confused because in their wording in the link below it doesn’t seem like they ask for more money.

Here is a link to their definition of Margin Call Forex brokers news - Dukascopy announces changes to Margin Requirement policy

Here is Dukascopy’s answer in another forum but I could not get more info.

Originally Posted by Dukascopy View Post

You can not run into debt with Dukascopy. Our platforms are designed that should your leverage hit 200% it will hedge your trades therefore not allowing you to trade more then what you have.

Also if / when your equity goes below $100 your account is frozen meaning you can not place any more trades. At this point you can either “top up” your account and continue to trade or if you chose you can withdraw the remaining funds from your account…

Dukascopy Bank SA

Ahh ok…that makes sense.