Anyone use topdog trading?

Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you use Barry Burns’ top dog trading strategy. I have been trading it for about 6 months now and would like to connect with others ,preferably, who are still trading it, but people who tried it and stopped are welcome to!

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No, I don’t use it. But I know that it is based on a well-known stock market index and consists of up to 12 stocks from the index.

@forex1357, Top Dog Trading has a comprehensive Youtube channel with a lot of FREE and helpful information about Forex, E-minis, Futures and Options, Trade Psychology and much, much more…

I’m in no way suggesting purchase anything from anyone (Including Cups of Coffee!!) when such a vast array of quality information covering virtually all aspects of OTC, Forex and Stock trading is available across the Internet.

I have found his content very useful when researching strategies for coding and development… You just have to look, then determine which FREE sources are most beneficial for your preferred strategies.

Hope this is of help…

Hi forex1357. Hope this helps.

I think his course if very good. I have been trading it for about 8 months now. Its is very condense with info so it takes a lot of practice but he is a great teacher. Let me know if you end up getting it! It would be nice to talk to other people who trade it.

Hmm, I am always happy to learn something new. And I would be especially happy if I learned with which assets to use this strategy. After all, as you know, there is no universal approach that is suitable for all assets. And if it suits me, I will definitely try it.

In general, I can assess this approach as quite effective.
But if you work with high dynamics and open several dozens of orders per day, then it will not be enough, because it shows only strong levels. That is, it is more suitable for long-term positions!

It’s very cool that you found an approach that enabled you to work effectively for a long time.
But be careful, each strategy has its own ““expiration date”” so it may become weaker over time and you’ll need to adapt it to the actual work…

I have been using this method for a year to day trade stocks. Unfortunately there is no trade room. If anyone will like to connect please message me.

Hi there, I have been trading it for a year now. If you would like connect more than happy to. I use it to day trade stocks. So far its working out well.

No, I don’t use it.