Are strong technicals enough to bring Bitcoin price to $100K in 2021?

Do you think $100K BTC is still in play for 2021?

It will all depend on whether the USA is able to control its economy, and without engaging in another war zone. IMO, nothing much will happen in 2021 until the Covid pandemic is downgraded to an endemic that is treatible by booster jabs and/or medications.

As for crypto currencies, there’s no intrinsic value in holding it, apart from speculation opportunities. arising.

I am mostly influenced by Max Keiser who is a BTC multimillionaire and a contrarian. He spent about 10 years working for Russian Television and has a Youtube channel with Stacey Herbert. Max is so off the wall but as an ex-Wall Street trader, I think his predictions are more accurate more of the time than many. He has been shilling BTC since 2011! I’ll have to check but he is still saying $220K at year end.