Are you patient?

In other aspects of my life I’m quite patient. But in trading it’s a totally different thing for me. I get anxious with my trades. I’m still working on being patient in trading. One way is to set and forget my trade. Then I just analyze it after.

Thanks for this. I think this is something that I need too.

Honestly now that I’m thinking about it I’m not good at it, in all aspects and not just trading.

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Ok. What are some ways you think you can teach yourself patience, little by little, in your daily life (not in trading)?

Maybe to force myself to be patience? You know, to put myself in situations that require being patient.

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I think it’s all about setting realistic expectations and developing a solid trading plan. Stick to your predetermined rules and avoid making impulsive trades.

Well, there you go. You just figured out step 1. Get cracking. You can do it!

I think what happens is that when we try to change too quickly, it’s a shock to our lifestyle. Eating healthy for 30 days to lose 5 kilos, there’s nothing permanent about it.

But slowly teaching ourselves a healthier diet does not create any anxiety. First 30 days, slowly replace soda with water Monday to Friday. Second 30 days, walk for 20 minutes in the morning before going to work.

Small changes are small challenges that are conquerable. Everything at once is overwhelming.

I suggest teaching yourself patience little by little. Observe your own behaviour and feelings. Think about what made you impatient in the first place. What is the origin of your impatience?

Reflecting on these questions will help you get to the source of your shortcomings. Let us know how you’re doing!

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Initially I wasn’t patient, but the market gradually made me so.

hahaa we are all patient until the markets starts spiking and there is so much slippage you can never win.

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Patience is related to mentality so it grows overtime actually. I would say stay with the market and the market will make you patient.

I completely understand your struggle with patience. It’s a common challenge, and I’ve faced it myself as well. Let me know if you ever do overcome it.

At first, it’s a bit hard to be patient, but then you know have to practice it,

It’s tough to answer this question because it depends on my mood. I can control myself depending on situations.

Just I can say understand that success and improvement take time. Set realistic goals and acknowledge that reaching them may require patience and persistence. Avoid expecting rapid results or instant delight.

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try use an alert on tradingview and the strategy you use.

Example on a one hour timframe:

10 ema
20 ema

Create an alert when they are crossing.

You sit and wait :wink: no cheating, just wait :slightly_smiling_face: maybe follow a little bit how the 10 and 20 ema communicate with RSI if that is used.

After they did cross go down to a lower timeframe and find your entry and then repeat it all over and over again :slightly_smiling_face:

I am patient coz of this I find trading a good business.

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I am patient actually because without having patience, it’s difficult to hold a trade for a long time and earn profit from here.

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Hmm, interesting training. thanks for sharing it.

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you know…
you’re right, part of it is to understand what you mentioned. But it’s also like a muscle. it need trading.

Thank you for the insight buddy. I am working on it right now and one day i mention you and tell what I did

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