Are you patient?

I just quote something: "
Patience, much like a muscle, is a valuable attribute that can be developed and strengthened over time. Just as physical muscles require training and exercise to grow stronger, the practice of patience involves honing one’s ability to wait, endure, and maintain composure in various situations."

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Well, I’m working on it.
How about you? you didn’t over-come this challenge?

You will learn or the market WILL teach you, I know, but i rather to know myself because whenever market want to teach you something it hurts XD XD XD

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I just need to say this that if you try that strategy i did mention, then be sure that the 10-20-rsi move in the same direction :wink: and i will go to a 5 min timeframe to find my entry maybe 15 min timeframe but mostly i like the 5 min with this strategy :slightly_smiling_face: and maybe use also as confirmation(s) before you enter a trade

Good luck with it mate.
Share the results with me too
I like to hear more about it.

as it has been said “either you learn or life would teach you”.

Patience is always more about something you can’t control because the ability to remain calm in peaks is grounded by nature, or is influenced by the environment you were raising in or were brining up.
It’s a real art to learn how to remain patient whatever situation you stuck in.
Traders realize that it’s one of the keys to success on the market, but alongside with other things it becomes a real goal. In this regard, you start to understand that wealth isn’t a primary purpose. Much more techniques are awaiting traders on their paths to mastery. Try to distract from intrusive thoughts and improve your mental stability by some trainings.

I am not that much patient and that’s why I prefer scalping to long-term trading.

I’m okay with patience (at least on daily charts). I place a trade and forget about until the next look in 24 hours. I have no alerts to disturb me in the meantime. All this means I use stop loss and take profits settings; trailing stops; and very tight risk management (to sleep at nights).

It’s off topic but a question just popped up in my mind. Is scalping profitable? I mean is it better than long-term?

How you do that? :sweat_smile:
In the same situation I would overthink my brain out :joy: :joy: :joy:

Ha ha very easy to do. In fact my partner gave me a coaster with ‘Hold on, let me overthink this’ :slight_smile:

don’t try to improve what you lack of ,try to play what you good at to the most .
i don’t patient is necessary ,if you have the right knowledge. good pips

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Forex trading isn’t for those who are impatient. I am flexible at times like sometimes I am patient and sometimes I become aggressive.

Initially I was very excited and wasn’t even near patience but I gradually developed this quality in me.

I have patience but not always. It depends on my mental condition when and how long I can retain my patience.

That’s an interesting point, I was talking to someone about a crypto arbitrage system they want to use which I know, they wanted to trade per second intervals across 70pairs which would be about 50,000 trades per month, the system can do this, I explained to them it is ridiculous and showed them the output of the system generating 300-500% per month placing 500 trades, they were confused, this is how it works.

Well, I understand that, but can you mention a situation as an example?

How trade being a good business can help you to be patient?

Trading requires rational judgment and emotions will prevent one from making such a judgment. So, what do you do at times that you are aggressive?