At what price are you selling your BTC?

Hellooo :blush: I just checked my Coin wallet and it seems like BTC is still going up. :partying_face: Haha. :smiley: So I just got curious :thinking: at what price are you selling your BTC? :thinking: Are you waiting for it to hit $100,000? :open_mouth:

Might sell 1/4 of what I have (very little lol) at $70k.

Selling will create a taxable event. IMO itโ€™s a better idea to lend against the value of your BTC and use the borrowed capital to create profits elsewhere.

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How about now, and buy alts instead?

One quarter if BTC is 30 times ETH.
One third if XRP is less than 1,000 satoshis.

Right now is Bitcoin bull market and there are a lot of powerful positive news coming out for BTC in Q4. Many professional analysts predict at least $150k. There was also an institutional report which says $175k. Max Keiser says $225k. And it could very likely go much higher than this. BTC is in an exponential stage now.

Donโ€™t buy alt coins before the BTC bulls cool down. Alt coins will have their boom after BTC have had their.

The best thing is to HODL and keep doing technical analysis to see where the top ends up being.