Audacity Capital anyone?


Did anyone did the Audacity Capital hidden talent program?

I`m thinking to do it but is a quite expensive program so i would like to get some more information or review.


How much is it and what is the criteria?

Are you looking to be trained? Or you can trade and want to trade for a prop firm?

From what I can find out you pay £1250 for training, then they give you $15,000 to trade with. No doubt they would want there share of profits, probably struggle to make a wage off that. They also have a funded tradee program for experienced traders Looks a bit like Samuel and Co setup.

The program is about 4/6 weeks intensive training, monday to friday 9 to 5. Price of that is 2500£ plus VAT.

After that they guarantee 15k account and every 10% profit is split 50/50 and they double the account to a max 500k.

I`m looking for both in reality. It is a bit expensive but if you get decent education plus the decent account of 15K in probably in 2/3 moths you already pay back the money you spend. At least is what i think. Plus you are with a big company so if you are actually good maybe you have more opportunity.

The questions are:

is the program good or just some scum?

Is it quite achievable 10 % a month if you a decent trader?

Let`s suppose I became profitable without education, I will never be able in my situation to have straight away a 15K account.

Let say I will use the 3k (the price of the program) in my trading account even then if I make 10% it will never be enough to be a full time job.

Even if you get 15k account and make 5% per month,

Thats £750, so at 50/50 you get £375. So basically plums.

Have you looked into FTMO? You can start with 100k account and profit split is 70/30.

You need to make 10% to pass the FTMO challenge.
Then 5% for the verification stage.

I personally think 10% would be achievable (in my humble opinion) but 5% would be a sensible benchmark.

5% pm on 100k FTMO would be 5k pm. You would get $3500 pm. There is account growth aswell.

I mean I will still be happy as a beginner even with that figure. I will defiantly need to have an other job for the few months but let`s suppose I make 5% pm after 6 months my “trading salary” will be 1500£ so I can start do it lets say a full time job.

FTMO profit are better but you need to be already a profitable trader.

If the Audacity program is valid and make me profitable maybe I can apply for the FTMO funds as well.

My main question is more about the program if actually will make me profitable or not? I understand it will be up to me as well but with 3k i expecting some good results.

Or maybe is better keep my money and keep educating my self until I find a profitable and consistence way of trading and then maybe just apply for some funds program like FTMO.

I`m working as a Chef and if you do a stage or work for silly money in some fancy restaurant for few months it will be difficult and expensive but definitely you will increase your experience and opportunity quicker.

Especially you do that when you enter in the industry when you a bit older to speed up the process.

I think this is a similar situation.

Off course if you are a bad cook no matter what and where you go you will always be a bad one.

£1500 would mean your account is £30k at 5%?

i[quote=“Paulscaff1, post:12, topic:343749, full:true”]
£1500 would mean your account is £30k at 5%?

Lets say my monthly goal is 5% a month, like you said is more a sensible target, that mean I will get pay every 2 months because they pay every time you reach 10%

Month 1-2 account balance 15K 10%=1500/2= 750 so is 375pm

Month 3-4 account balance 30k 10%=3000/2=1500 so is 750pm

Month 5-6 account balance 60k 10%=6000/2=3000 so is 1500pm

and so on till a max account balance of 500k

if in reality this will be real result I will be very happy.

Ok looks not too bad, so account is doubled every time you reach 10%?

Do you know whats in their training content? Are you taught by a person? Or online?

Yes they double the account every 10%.

About the content they were not very specific (I will try to find out more) technical analysis, fundamental analysis, macroeconomics, central banks policies, risk management, trading psychology. From what I understand they are focus on price action rather than mechanical strategy, I think actually this a good thing.

They do everything in the office Monday to Friday 9 to 5 for a month and I think this is an other good point.

After that you can start to trade from home or you can still go to the office but you will have to rent a desk with all the equipment but I don`t know the price.

I checked both city and the5ers. After doing some inquiries, I understood that city where a white label of The5ers before, then they had resigned and created their own program based on everything they’ve learned from The5ers.

10% every month seems like a good deal. Hope they are genuine.

As a beginner, you must focus on learning from different sources like books, videos, and webinars.

Do your research properly. This will help a lot.

I would rather use free tools available on the internet to learn and open a demo account, play with virtual money a bit.