Automated Trading

What do you think about our online course ?
If anyone could test the course ( it’s FREE) and give feedback it would be highly appreciated !

can you please share more detail about the system you have ?

I am using 2 Robots , 1 trades pull backs & the other breakouts - works really nice on EURUSD and USDJPY pairs! I “only” monitor the trades, saves so much time & energy ! How about yourself ?

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I clicked but you have to fill out an enrolment form so couldnt be bothered. So my feedback is if you have a free course just have a free course that’s simple to access.

If anyone does this course, please provide feedback about the content. Thank you.

What MAs does your your pullback robot work with? Does it use a stochastic also?

Thanks for the feedback, I hope I can turn it off! Still, if you create an account you can access the course for FREE . The strategy is based on pure price action. The good thing is with this Robot you can modify trades eg. if the Robot is in profit & you see a signal based on your own strategy you could close the trade manually …So you can be flexible with each trade if you want to. I wish I learned trading with a Robot from the beginning of my journey …I lost money & spend so much time in front of the screen which is not necessary if you trade with a low risk robot in my opinion. Are you trading with a Robot or manually ?

Nah I trade manually. So what are you offering? The strategy or the robot? What is its monthly return?

What’s the drawdown?

Each currency pair has a different drawdown

Today I just made over 3% profit on EURUSD without even looking at the trade at all !
Although I have my VPS account set up on my phone, which means I could always watch the trades. For me the best tool to trade ! It took ages to develop the Robots but it was worth it !!! I don’t mind others benefiting from my system, trading is not as easy as most people think ! I hope I can save at least a few traders, I lost way too much money, time & energy trading manually - that’s just my experience. How much is your drawdown ? Which currency pairs are you trading ?

I trade all currency pairs and indices. I cant even remember what my drawdown was, I think maybe 2% few years ago. I look at drawdown a little bit differently now because I’m looking to make a set target a month. I always leave a bit of my profits in my account so I never fall below my initial account capital I only ever eat into profits made. Then I’ll withdraw every month on top of that. So I have 0% drawdown. This method has been working for me for a few years now.

Yeah your drawdown is really good. I tried to look at the stats but nothing came up on myfxbook. How much do the robots cost? I tried to check but it needs me to register. Personally, I would need 100k to make the % return worth it and I wouldnt put that much in at the hands of a robot. I like to be in control, having done it for a few years now.

Hello, my stats are finally online :pray:

I guess everyone has their own preference, for me because I developed the robots and I have successfully passed my Diploma by the London Academy of Trading , I would use the Robot on a 100k account because my settings are max 1-2% per trade and I only trade in the mornings then the robots closes the pending orders.

I have studied the markets for almost 5 years and that’s how I was able to create the robots, optimised for EURUSD and USDJPY.

You should offer the robot for free. If it helps anyone I’m sure theyll pay for it with their profits. Have a think about it. Happy customers speak much louder than myfxbook.

It’s an absolute bargain considering how much money new traders blow up! I made a lot of mistakes & spent lots of money of different forex education and I lost money as well but all those years I kept going and created those 2 algorithms, by offering those I feel like I am giving back because I also tested different robots and none of them worked! High Risk, some didn’t even had a stop loss in their strategy or where hedging would take place, it was a nightmare! This is not a quick rich robot, this is a robot with my set-file which works especially for people who work full-time and do not have the luxury to watch the markets all day or aspiring prop traders. Sign up to my course and I will send you a copy of both robots for free if you want :robot: And then you could give feedback here and may be then you can see the value I am bringing to the table :wink: Anyone else ?

Yeah sounds good, I’ll test it out but you dont have much data. It’s only one month.

Cool! I will email you because I need the account numbers you want the robot to be run on… yes I know about the stats, I made a mistake a few months ago by attaching the same strategy on 2 different currency pairs, now I have split it - the Breakout EA for EURUSD and Pullback EA for USDJPY - so far so good :slight_smile: Dont forget the beauty of Robots are you can play with the settings eg. change the time when you want it to trade or change stop loss / take profit and so on !

What happened to gbpusd stats?
What happened when you put the same strategy on both pairs?
Also what happens of you out both strategies on each pair?

Well, for me it did not work with my current settings on GBPUSD, but may be if the settings would be changed the outcome would be different! Well, soon I will and you the robot & my setfile, test by yourself and let us know !

I have sent you an email.

The EAs are optimised for EURUSD & USDJPY but each uses a different strategy