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I was fired from my job Dec 2017. I’ve been stressing about not being able to find work and submitting resumes EVERYWHERE! Last month I was introduced to forex and fell in love! I use all my available time to use babypips.com as my university, watch videos and read comments in forums and I’ve grew my demo acct from $100,000 to 1,205,442.46 today! In one month!! So what I love about forex is even if I never find another job again, I’ve learned a SKILL, that no one can take from me!!! And with this I will make money for years and years to come as I improve my knowledge and skill! :kissing_heart::sunglasses:

I love trading because I don’t have to deal with crazy emotional people and greedy arrogant bosses at work place😁, and trading made me a better person👍

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The thing i love most about forex is that it can make alot of people think they can be rich in an instant as soon as they see someones results. But on the other hand i also love the fact it actualyl can help peopel work from home if they put the time sin to stuy the markets find their way amongst it all. it truly is a great place to ply your trade

What I love the most about forex trading is its volatility and extended trading hours.

The very best thing I like the most with trading is not that It make you rich but it teach the most valuable thing in life how to be enthusiasm how to think, and how to handle business it self.


Being my own boss. Time and financial freedom is guaranteed with right knowledge about trading Forex.

Forex is not special. Just like other businesses … once you are on track, you can automate almost all operations just like building an online shop or whatever. (Sistematic).
But forex teaches you how to be the real person.
When you are lazy, you get nothing
When you are greedy, you will be punished or vomited
When you study hard, you get rewards
When you are patient, you get a mountain of gold.

So actually Forex has taught the essence of life that is true and meaningful.


I love forex because you are your own boss!

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I really enjoy the feeling when my analysis is spot on! :slight_smile:


Easy… The trader family.

For me it would be the personal nature of the process of forex. Your trading approach should be made to play to your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. Good or bad, you are the one who decides whether or not to pull the trigger on the trade. Very affirming when the trade goes the way you planned, on the system you designed.


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man i wanted one of those shirts

congratulations to all the winners. i hope i could get the chance to win next time.

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I see hope