🎁 BabyPips.com Giveaway: What do you love most about forex trading? [Giveaway Closed]

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is some consumerist holiday or just don’t care for it unless it’s an economic event (which btw - don’t forget today’s U.S. Retail Sales report), we figured we might as well use it as an excuse to host another easy peasy giveaway.

For this one, literally all you have to do is answer this question:

What do you love most about forex trading?

There will be four (!) winners:

  • 3 RANDOMLY selected answers
  • The answer with the most number of likes

Each will get a BabyPips.com goodie bag (t-shirt, stickers, fridge magnet - all sorts of swag)!

We will mail your prize package to you via USPS. Depending on where you are in the world, this can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

The giveaway period starts today, February 14, 2019 and ends February 27, 2019, 11:59PM, EST. We will close this thread at 11:59 PM ET of February 27, 2019. The final number of likes will also be counted then.

Only one entry per user will be counted.

We’ll be announcing the winners on this same thread the following day, February 28, 2019.

Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Making Money works for me
I love the thrill of the process

Ans Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


I love the freedom of trading!! Internet and my laptop and I’m all set.


The potential to be freaking RICH MANNNNNN*

*In the long run…after making sure I enter when my edge tells me to…and not getting emotionally attached to a trade…

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Unlimited freedom!!!


I like forex trading because of the knowledge you need to know to be successful trader. There is so much to learn the challenges are rewarding if you plan and study forex correctly! I’m going up the rails on a crazy train!


Money :heart_eyes: Freedom :heart_eyes: BabyPips :heart_eyes:

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I love the freedom that forex trading gives me. I can trade when I want, where ever I want at my own convenience with having to worry about a boss but most of all I get to spend lots more time with my friends and family.


Hmm,What do I love?

I love the challenge and the Idea that I could Make money while sitting in front of a computer screen.

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I love the division of labor: you take all the time to study and place trades; then the market takes over from there and does what it does.


I love the freedom that is offered through the markets. Not only this, but you could make more money than people with degrees and those with high career prospects - all through simple chart analysis!

I also love the wonderful community of traders such as those of BabyPips, sharing insightful analysis and thoughts we experience on our journey. All these bonuses enhanced by regular updates by the BabyPips admins and team sent directly into my email - giving me the latest on currencies, news and the community itself! :star_struck::grin:


Simply put. i love trading forex a lot. there are lot of interesting intrigues in trading forex. i love most especially the anxiety while the trend is going long or shot. though forex is a means of lively where you spend time and money but personally i see it as a game where you can win or lose, i enjoy the kind of feeling i have when am about to enter a trade with open mind full of expectation, of course after reading and studying the setup or chart, if i decide to go long and the trend is also going up, i wish there is a magic that will keep it continue to go up cos am making money, but alass just about when its about to hit the TP it suddenly turn downward. and i said to myself no problem it will resume its uptrend again, only for it to walk past my entry point and down to my SL. Sometimes i win but most time i lose. its this lose that amaze me and i want to play again. YES FOREX IS NOT A GAME, but i enjoy the amazement, the intrigues, the anxiety e.t.c that is in forex


I’m a newbie into this since November. So far I guess I’m liking coffee at 3:30 am.


It can be done with any amount of money and from anywhere in the world!

Big Pippin’ Making Cheese While I Sleep!

I can learn on my own or with the folks here. I can trade on my own or with the community here. It’s a challenge. It’s a process. It’s learning about a little piece of how the world works. I can do it anywhere from my laptop and an Internet connection. And if I can make a system or strategy work, I can make some money!

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Making money on my shorts and enjoying spanish music which i don’t understand a bit

being a part of the GLOBAL economy is very different than owning a stock/stocks. i love being a part of a huge trillon dollar industry and watching the money move!!! 5 days a week, when Friday arrives I am waiting for Sunday night to get back to trading!