’s FX-Men Honorary Members: The Running List

In any community, there are those who make the extra effort to help more than others, who express their thoughts for the sake of healthy discussion (even at the risk of being criticized), or who are possibly just… talkative in nature. :wink:

At any rate, whether they’re insightful, helpful or just interesting to chit chat with, we are very thankful to have these folks around!

While their contributions may be just a post count to some, we recognize the fact that this clearly indicates a high level of commitment to the community that no doubt deserves its own place of recognition in the forums.

On behalf of the Forum Moderation team, we would like to show our appreciation and gratitude for these active and loyal members by showing them off in their own special little section of the forums. Check ’em out, talk some shop, or just say hello!

  1. rhodytrader

  2. johnnykanoo

  3. dpaterso

  4. tonymand

  5. daydreamer65

  6. mastergunner99

  7. Sweet Pip

  8. Jebatfx

  9. rrram2

  10. petefader

  11. o990l6mh

  12. phil838

  13. wrtm_19

  14. ThePhoenix

  15. Clint

  16. SanMiguel

  17. TalonD

  18. R Carter

  19. MattW2009

  20. hellogoodbye4201

  21. Master Tang

  22. purplepatchforex

  23. Graviton

And that wraps up our list! We’re definitely looking forward to add more names to this! :slight_smile: