BabyPips education school progress tracking - it's back!

Hi I’m Bill, just need some direction, started training 6 weeks ago on old website, each stage was logged then test taken, everything was recorded
So that you could move onto next stage - is this all lost now or can I retrieve from somewhere

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Hello Bill! I didn’t get your point, what do you mean actually? Can you please describe it with different way?


Hi Peter

I started the education course back in April and was moving through the modules
On completion of each module you check the icon at the end to say it has been completed and this is recorded so that you know what you have completed, you then take the test
When I went into the education centre on the new site there was no record or timeline as to what I had completed

Question is, do I have to start course again or from where can I retrieve my original course info so that I can continue


Hi Bill,

I read about this issue here Where is my School Propress history in babypips? . The School progress tracker will return soon. :slight_smile:

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If you aren’t aware, School progress tracking is back! Here’s the announcement explaining the re-release of the feature, along with some new things to keep in mind when tracking your School progress.


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I want to continue training where I left off. You stated that "… As soon as you see YES! What’s included?.. ". But I have been unable to find this statement or find a way to get back to my last “Education Level” to continue???

I will ask my friend about it !!!