Back Testing Software?

Hello all

I’m currently close to finishing the baby pips education, thus far I haven’t seen any recommendations for back testing, so here goes…

Would anyone be so kind to share what back back testing software they are using?

I’m sure this question will give others value as well as myself.

Thanks in advance for the peeps that have taken time to read and reply my post :wink:

Hi Rourke,
I have been following Chris’ thread on this subject. You may wish to do a search on “backtest” and find some other threads that way - the second link below says there are about 50


It depends on what trading style you are looking into and what your skills are…

Also what your lifestyle is like to a degree.

Personally I’m going down two routes simultaniously.

I’m building my own backtester to my own requirements in Tradingview.

I’ve also joined a Beta Test for an EA for MT5, this is both an auto trader and backtester for a trend trading FX style trading.

Meta Trader marketplace has lots of EA’s you can pay to access, also you can demo them.
These should allow you to backtest aswell as auto trade.

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Hi, use MT4 and 5 for backtesting like most traders, why you want to pay for external software?

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Thanks, quite a good thread… I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this one


Cheers I have a MT4 and a trading view account, I wasn’t aware back testing was available on both platforms.

Now i know this I no longer need to look any further.

@ProfesorPips, I wasn’t aware you could do this on MT4 hence me asking the question, I will not be paying for additional software now that I’m aware of this point.

Thanks for taking the time to reply

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it will do the tests well. Good luck

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That was why I raised the question in the forum, I wanted to know the software which is most approved, price was not a factor.

You and another gent In here both raised MT4 as back testing software thus far, however if you have any other useful software you’d like to recomended (irrespective of price) I’d like to hear about it and I’m sure others would value in this information too.

All the best.

Check forex tester solution. Regards Greg

These 5 platforms are ok, ultimately develop proprietary software and use FIX messages to place orders at multiple brokers. Ideally prime brokers to facilitate arbitrage rate plays, not that arbitrage is needed to succeed. Trading is professional gambling, learn everything you can in both fields.

  • MT4
  • cTrader
  • QuantConnect
  • TradingView
  • Multicharts

Babypips does not let me give out my Telegram link otherwise I’d offer to network with anyone looking for answers.

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@ProfesorPips @symfractal

I thank you both for taking time to contact be with your suggestions.

I’ll opt for trading view 1st as I’m familiar with their platform, I’ll bookmark the others for now and If I’m unhappy with service from trading view I’ll switch

I wish you both all the best :+1: