Best beginner fx broker?


Im relatively new to trading. I can’t make a Trading 212 account as they aren’t taking on more accounts.

What broker/app would anyone recommend I use to start a demo account and practise?

Are you in the US? You can find tons of brokers offering demo accounts. For outside the US, I dunno much.

No i’m from London, thanks

IC markets.

IG or Oanda.

I use both in demo and live.

Both are good.

beginners should choose the broker which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used .

I use EagleFX and IC Markets Global. Do your due dilligence though and don’t just join because some people on a forum say so.

Then you can try fxview. Good conditions + regulated.

Hi Adam. I’d recommend you to go with fxview and oanda. They offer user-friendly platforms that are equally popular. There’s MT4 that has been around for quite some time now. Then there’s MT5 which is its successor and includes better timeframes and instruments, all this while maintaining the same look and feel of MT4. Act Trader’s another platform which is new and has features that are not present in the earlier two like displaying the position size in amount rather than lots, and helping you build a custom strategy.
These 2 brokers as per my experience give you access to advanced user interface, take profit and stop loss system, detachable charts, chart time frames, and other sophisticated tools and instruments. You can easily start demo trading on their platforms and polish your skills and strategies before trading live. All the best and hope it helped.

Sorry this came late. I want to suggest Forexchief broker. It is easy, cheap and fast. I am using it for more than 14 months now, so I can boldly recommend it.

There are no best brokers in forex, and for beginner traders, FP Markets is a good choice to start because they have a minimum opening balance and can also trade using a micro account.

Not all brokers provide Demo accounts, and if you are starting out new, you should choose a broker that provides Demo accounts for unlimited time. As mentioned by someone in the group, don’t go just by recommendations in the forum and do your own research too. Check the reviews of the brokers on different websites and see if they can be trusted because ultimately you will be opening a live account with the broker. I have been Coinexx for a long time and can vouch for them. They have been genuine, have the highest spreads in the market, support MT4, MT5 and Act Trader platforms and I never have to follow up with them for my withdrawals. But yes, that my opinion. Other traders are happy with their brokers.

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I would recommend you to try Tickmill or Hotforex, they are properly regulated but what I like about them most is speed of execution. Using VPS my scalping trading systems produce tolerable results at their platform, while with other brokers I get negative returns.

Try Oanda or Coinexx. Both have superb trading conditions and offer demo accounts too. I won’t recommend any other broker than these too.

They are still taking more accounts. I have a guy who just registered two days ago. Maybe they don’t take traders from your region. You should try Forexchief, this broker is more open to many regions.

There are many brokers out there from which you can choose to demo practice. What are your requirements basically?

Do you have any specific requirements? I would recommend turnkeyforex or fxchoice as both have solid trading conditions. And they are a good choice for practicing and trading. Although, Turnkey Forex offers lower commission and lower minimum deposit.

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Check out the service of LMFX forex broker, they give excellent service with different types of account, do check once. Highly Recommended.

Personally I like to use IG as they have been around a long time and are very reputable. I also dabble with some offshore choices like CedarFX as I like to trade crypto also. As others have said, do your due dilligence when looking into brokers.

It all depends on your trading preferences.
Are you exclusively into FX or do you dabble in Stocks and or Cryptocurrency?
I personally use IC Markets they have longstanding in the business reputable in the industry.
I trade Bitcoin quite a bit I like the 24/7 access to Markets and use EagleFX mainly for it .
Theres better leverage available there also .
I’d demo both and you can decide if both or neither are suitable for you