Best EA ever


i’m newbie here…

i’m looking for a best performed EA.

pls help me find-out it.

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There is no such Best EA ever. 90% of EA’s is made to only scam people.
I am EA developer and I know a lot about it.
I have developed many EA’s but only few of them works for a long time.
Also I made one which won at Automated Trading Championship.

Hi) Olexandr said right.You should first learn how to trade.Once you have your proper working and time tested trading system then you will know what EA suits you well according to your needs.Without having a proper working and tested system you will never know which EA is good for you.
Hope this helps.

I agree. It’s very hard to find those 10% good EAs. I have some. Attached to this message is one I have found in some forum. I don’t believe it’s an EA sold on the market.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to upload it.

The attachment feature says the file is invalid =(

Hi khokongeo,

I recommend for you a personally tested Forex Robot named Forex Striker.

Forex Striker contains three EAs that act as a hedge for each other – when one takes a losing trade, chances are the other ones will take a profitable trade. They can be combined on one account – the more EAs used, the more trading profits can be expected according to the creators.

I have given it a try myself, and I think that I didn’t waste my money …

I don’t Believe you I tried this EA but i was in vain.If you had entered a different setting share that here.I bought a new EA which can make 100% in 10 trading also makes loses.but i don’t wish to share that here.

And I dont believe you clearly since you seemed like manipulating others to beg you for an EA!
To be honest, its a childish way to manipulate…

And I dont believe you clearly since you seemed like manipulating others to beg you for an EA!
To be honest, its a childish way to manipulate…

What do you think of your self ? Even if anyone asked i won’t give it.I am not a fool.You are jealous of me that you cannot find an EA like me.

You are childish and tempting me to share that EA.

If you have an EA which is profitable and you dont want to share it with anyone, whats the meaning of saying “I have an EA but I wont share it” in a public forum just for nothing? (…) This mades me think there are two type of possibilities by your last message:

  1. Manipulating others to beg you for an EA.
  2. Manipulating others to get jealous at your EA to satisfy your EGO since satisfying your pocket is not enough for you.

As a result, you better find an EA which can satisfy your EGO at the same time.

Kind Regards…

This is your mindset If you have an EA profitable,I am not like you.I will share that EA here but in terms it will violate the rules of the forum as advertising that is why i told i won’t share it in public.Anyone must have messaged me but no one wished to do so.I don’t care what you think,And never again I am going to tell that EA here.You do it forex manually and be successful.

Well that was one of the more odd exchanges I have seen here… Haha

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Check my EA “Moment Catcher” :

Look at the work of my EA.

Hi MrProf
I like a lot the statement. How can I contact you?

Please I would be grateful if you could share the EA

hiya im using a good ea
and its given me 2 losses last month and 18 wins and this month is profit
what are you using at the moment now?

How can I get your EA that shows statement here?

from its working good

Are willing to share it?

I love these websites. On one hand they give you this pictures with a laptop on a beach (it is sooooo easy to trade FOREX) and on the other hand look at this guy’s picture, he has 6 monitors on his desk. I guess that picture tells you in reality how easy is to earn something from FOREX…

David Joe is right, Forex Striker is a very very good EA, i dare to say it is far the best i ever tried. I’m an EA addict, right now i have 9 different ones running for a monthly test, Forex Samurai and AladdinFX are good, too with small drawdown.