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In addition, Sutte indicator also has three types of predictive, namely SUTTE%L, SUTTE%H, and SUTTE-PRED. These three indicators are supporting each other to provide a picture of the movement of stocks. In giving the movement image of stocks, SUTTE link between SUTTE%L and SUTTE%H. If the curve SUTTE%L is above the curve SUTTE%H in a long period of time then it indicates that the stock price will increase and vice versa if the curve is above SUTTE%H SUTTE%L curve then the stock price will decline. Increases and decreases in share prices is usually marked by the intersection of the curve SUTTE%L and SUTTE%H.

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It is my work style.

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SUTTE indicator pdf (977 KB)

SUTTE indicator pdf file

Sutte Indicator - A Technical Indicator in Stock Market.pdf (554 KB)


One extract is probably most interesting :
Dearest MLADEN
It is strange style indi,always ride in top of candles - seems suitable for binary traders - no parameters for higher values :slight_smile:
No parameters
I recommend that the document should be consulted - that should clarify how the author recommends it to be used

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Copy indicators

Perfect_Trend_Line indicator orjinal work belong to me.

And other copies is here (on this link)


eurcad view

gbpchf view


Ptl indicator


MACD indicator and a different parametre.
4 h TIMEFRAME is the best. (24.9 KB)

h 4

Non repaint QQE indicator signals - 4 H and (23.3 KB)

daily signal indicator.

It s use for Fx and Binary options markets.

Crack Momentum

gbpjpy and downtrend

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sutte (589 Bytes)

sutte mq4

Gold short term view.

EURUSD short term view.