Best Forex Trend Indicators

H 1 view (short term)

Hi! Can you share your indicator?

DAILY VIEW+Latest sig.

ma_zigana trendline

Bist100 index view

What is the name of the indicator

There are many indicators at my old messages. Look at them and try to use them.

Borsa istanbul down trend
BIST 100 (XU100)
105.432,54 -1480,71 -1,38%

Bist100 için riskli bölgedeyiz.
Sert bir düzeltme eli kulağında, XU30’da acele edip mal taşımamak lazım bana göre.

We’re in the risky area for Bist100.
A hard correction is coming, I need to rush and carry stock in the XU30.



Gold trend direction is LONG

buy entry 1.267 $
exit (TP) 1.287 $

Thanks friend, gold indeed on bullish pattern, look on weekly trend strong bullish
now price already reached 1292, hopefully still continue bullish this month

I m late. sorry,
Thanks my friend

BTCUSD Long entry 7.900 USD
Target/TP 9.058 USD

Dji target 24.000
But there is no yet sell sig.

There is no uptrend yet in BTC.
Medium term trend is down.
Maybe this week it can be something in index.
For all that ı will wait for buy signal. m flat.

Good luck.

This study shows major trends in the history of Bitcoin. There have been 3 great transformations to this day. Bitcoin investor should wait for the 4th major transformation, if you ask me.


First major trend transformation

Start date 3.1.2009
Completion date 10.6.2011
Starting price $ 0.05
The highest price is $ 35
Yield 700 times increase

Second major trend transformation

Starting date 20.11.2011
Completion date 7.12.2013
Starting price $ 2.29
The highest price is $ 1,200
Yield 524.02 fold increase

Third major trend transformation

Start date: 27.12.2014
Completion date 17.12.2017
Starting bid 164.95
Highest price $ 19,891
Yield 120.59 fold increase

Summary in turkish

So what is the system. I can’t find it here. Perhaps I’m plain stupid.